Recaro Office Chairs

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RaceChairs is an official distributor for Recaro seats and their full line of office chairs.  
We have seen it over and over. The look on a persons face when they sit in a RECAROŽ Office chair for the first time. We say this because no other ergonomic office chair feels like a RECAROŽ . The way in which the chair supports you is so thorough and comfortable, one soon understands why these seats are specified in the world's elite sports and luxury cars. Supporting the natural S-curve of your back while holding you in the chair is key. Many manufacturers attempt to copy the look but never manage to duplicate the quality look or feel.

How does RECAROŽ achieve this? As with any product, you get what you pay for. Huge development costs, expert design, engineering and testing. Traditional manufacturers of 'furniture' office chairs typically do not have the multi-million dollar budgets to develop products of this caliber. Along with internal expertise and racing circuit experience, RECAROŽ enjoys input from the finest engineers of Aston Martin, Audi, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz and Porsche.


Recaro Sportster CSRecaro Sportster CS

           Recaro SportRecaro Sport
This model is the perfect combination of a racing shell and sports seat offering well defined and firmly upholstered side bolsters and a strongly contoured shoulder support, making it our most popular selling model.

This race inspired model combines high perfomance styling with the ultimate in ergonomics, adjustability and extended term comfort. Features include an extra high backrest, contoured shoulder area, and seat cushion extension.

Recaro StyleRecaro Style Recaro Profi XLRecaro Profi XL
Refined styling, advanced ergonomics and extended term comfort with features such as full size side bolsters, contoured shoulder area, and seat cushion extension. This will exceed your comfort expectations and provide wide adjustability. Classic race styling with the ultimate in ergonomics, and extended term comfort. Features include an extra high backrest, and proper posture support with easily recognized motorsports styling.



Recaro EXRecaro EX

Recaro BaseRecaro Base

This model was designed to meet the rigorous demands of intensive use environments without sacrificing styling. Features include a high backrest with contoured shoulder area, height and tilt adjustable headrest, and a large, minimal contoured seat cushion. executive suite.


If you have an older model Recaro office chair with a damaged base, you no longer have to throw out your upper seat! This base will fit on the bottom of all Recaro off chairs.







Although we are an authorized retailer of the Recaro products, we do not keep an inventory due to the vast number of order options.  Regardless of your chair and options ordered, all orders are considered a "special order".  Once your order is placed, the delivery time is usually 4-6 weeks, however depending on the que at the factory, your order can take longer to build and deliver.  All orders are non-refundable unless an error has been made.  For rush orders, please contact us by phone to get a more accurate quote on your specific model.  We can not be held responsible for delays in delivery as a specific timeframe cannot be guaranteed.


RECAROŽ is a registered trademark of RECARO GmbH & CO. KG