Silver Texalium Money Clip
texalium money clip
Polished gloss resin finish

Our Price: $45.00

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When you pull out your carbon fiber money clip it gives you that status as you know whats new, hot, and has people asking what it is and where did you get it? Each texalium money clip is made from the highest quality American Hexcel Texalium. Each money clip is infused with an epoxy resin giving you a strong and light weight money clip.

So what is Texalium, and how is it different than carbon fiber? Texalium was developed by a company based out of California named Hexcel. Itís a fiberglass-basic fabric that has a proprietary finish and a thin coating of aluminum on the surface. The aluminum coating is 99.99% pure and approximately 200 angstroms in thickness (One angstrom is one billionth of a meter). This coating produces the highly reflective surface. Texalium fabrics are woven in 2/2 twill, and standard roll lengths are 100 yards.

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