Best Big and Tall Office Chair

Best Big and Tall Office Chair

Sitting for long hours on a chair leads to muscular pain in the body. At the same time, causing you troublesome backaches and fatigue in the joints. All the while stressing out the mind to work efficiently.

It is speculated from the research that sitting for long hours straight on a chair will surely decrease a person’s life expectancy. That being said, how can you perform well while having muscular pain and the wrong posture of the body?

If you want to get rid of muscle fatigue and backaches, get yourself a comfortable and durable chair that will support your body. Furthermore, you can sit back and relax while performing a difficult task and releasing the stress from your brain.

All the while is resolving tension by providing you the comfort. Office work demands high performance with the long hours of work. Whether you are a big person or a small, slim or heavy, these chairs will make your life easier than before.

If you are out looking for the best big and tall office chairs, then you are at the right place. We`ve added ten such items in our review that will help you choose the right one. So without further ado, let`s get started.

Best Office Chairs for Big and Tall Person

1. Homall Leather Desk Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Homall Leather Desk Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Supporting your body to tone up the right posture while offering you the most reliable experience, Homall is the best office chair for lumbar support. That being said, it has the most durable leather seat that offers relaxation even for long straight hours.

With the bold design and the built-in sturdiness, you will be getting yourself the top-notch and classic chair for office use. Along with the most versatile features, it can also be used as a gaming chair.

This tall chair is suitable mostly for tall persons, but given the fact of adjustable seat height, it can also be used for short persons. You can adjust the seat according to the requirement. This recliner chair has been specifically designed for the medicated purposes.

Fabrication of the seat is of high quality and density foam material. Given that, it is more comfortable and elasticity resilient. With a long-term life span, you will have a water-resistant PU leather chair for office use.

The 360-degrees swivel rotation and easy turn over the wheels are the best features that make it the most ergonomic chair of all times. It can bear a load of about 300lbs weight capacity. That being said, it is compatible with the heavy person as well.

Moreover, rocking back and forth, you can move in any direction you want. With the 100percent pure PU leather, it will give your body a natural shape. With high-quality craftsmanship, it supports your head, shoulder, and neck.

The wheels have a built-in locking mechanism from 90 to 180-degree rotation. The wheels have been built-in from the caster material. Along with that, with the high recommendation from the orthopedics, it has a medicated lumbar support and seat that will ensure safety measures.

In addition, there`s a headrest pillow that comes along with the packaging. The ergonomically designed chair is wide enough for the heftier ones and soft enough to prevent the muscle from getting sore.


  • The built-in high-quality, durable foam material
  • Recommended by the orthopedics
  • 360-degrees swivel rotation.
  • Locking mechanism for the caster wheels
  • Perfect for the heavy persons
  • For office use and gaming purpose
  • Adjustable lumbar support


  • The leatherette material is not 100 percent pure, as it is synthetic leather.

2. BestOffice Mesh Big and Tall Chair for Computers

BestOffice Mesh Big and Tall Chair for Computers

The BestOffice manufacturers have gained much popularity throughout the past few decades. The high-quality mesh material stands out for its sturdiness. You can have a long-term and reliable experience by sitting on this ergonomically designed chair.

Along with that, your back and spine will get curvature support to your buttocks. That being said, you can have a long hour backrest with the help of this chair. To maintain a perfect posture by dropping your shoulders backward in a relaxed manner, this chair will offer you long-term durability.

This ergonomically designed best office chair will help you tilt the pelvis forward while releasing the pressure from the lower back. That way, you won`t be having a backache anymore. The adjustable arms are able for the pivot 15-degrees outward and 17.5 degrees inward movability.

Moreover, it can be easily assembled and is reliable for the weight up to 250 pounds. With the help of this mesh office chair, you can sit back and relax while performing complicated tasks. You can also adjust the fitting according to the requirement.

If you`re an employee and a hardworking professional, you will need something a little extra to provide your body comfort and support. All the while, the mesh material absorbs the sweating and allowing the air to circulate to your back, neck, and shoulders as well.

The seat is fabricated with extremely best Nylon mesh back material that gives you lock-height control, especially when you are a short person. The lumbar pads are highly reputable that gives you advantageous support while eliminating backaches.

The mesh technology offers aeration to the back and neck. Along with that, it gives the added flexibility for your ease. That way, you can change back heights, reliant on your specific requirements. The ventilated mesh back will offer you cool aeration throughout the day.

In addition, these sturdily designed specification makes this chair a perfect option for the big and tall office chair. You can have it in your possession if you want to make a difference for your body’s needs.


  • Great fit for lumbar back support
  • Sturdiness
  • Mesh support
  • Ventilation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Spine support


  • An uncomfortable and imbalanced chair that doesn`t lasts for much longer.

3. Furmax Mid Back Swivel Office Chair

Furmax Mid Back Swivel Office Chair

Providing you with the utmost comfortable office chair of all times. Furmax is the one with all the qualities that you require for your ergonomic chair. Moreover, leaning back and forth enables you to release the pressure from your back, spine, and shoulders. The inclined tension can also be adjusted by using the knob present under the executive chair.

Along with that, there`s a handle designed just under the chair to lock down any back-seat angle. Moreover, according to the person’s height, the seat can be lifted and up and down by using a handle that is present beneath the seat.

If you have a large desk, the seat is highly adjustable accordingly. Furthermore, the seat is fabricated with high-quality, durable material. With the 360-degrees swivel rotation, you can move along the seat in almost any direction you want.

The simple yet classy and elegant design blends in with any décor you`re having in your office. You can move back and forth by maintaining the body posture in the right direction. With noise-free rotation, this chair is highly durable.

Constructed out of highly sustainable material, with superior quality, it is the best office chair for big and tall persons. A solid piece of furniture that has been featured with longevity, offering you the reliable experience you`ve ever had.

Furmax is a top-notch high-quality chair with a considerate amount of pain relief stuff to make you feel more comfortable. The parts are joined with the miniature detailing that is made from a stainless-steel alloy.

Another level of comfort is provided by high-density modeling foam that’s under the simulated leather shell. This mishmash entailing will keep you free from aches and soreness of muscles. The large headrest makes your neck feel more comfortable, while the large bottom cushion ensures the same for the lower back by offering you plenty of lumbar support.


  • Comfortable lumber back experience
  • Durable for muscle ache and soreness
  • Comes with the built-in headrest support
  • Lock-down caster wheels


  • Small chair, not suitable for the tall people.

4. Hbada Office Task Chair

Hbada Office Task Chair

The miniature detailing and the sleek design of this office chair offer you the perfect curvature for the lower back spine. You can match it with the different decorative styles, and it will take your pain away from the body.

By offering you a comfortable and joyful experience, it is a highly durable office chair for your office essentials. You will have a breathable, supportive, and flexible experience. With the space-saving technology, this chair can be easily maintained in the quarter departments, or within the small offices.

With the 120-degrees tilt position, the pneumatic height is just the perfect feature for your everyday use. It is also suitable for your living rooms, drawing rooms and perfectly accessorized for your office use.

Along with the noise-free roller coasters, you can move them around in any direction. The heavy-duty base has a nice smooth finishing that makes it the most wanted chair of all times. With the 360-degrees swivel rotation, you will be having a durable chair in your possession.

Moreover, it has been specifically designed to support the lower back, lumbar, and spine. The ergonomically designed lift-up and down arms are space-saving features. You can pull them out or set them according to your comfortable posture.

Furthermore, the shock-absorbing, non-slippery nylon wheels take you to another level of comfort. The mesh back support is wear-resistant and stays the same for a long. In addition, keeping together the sturdiness and longevity along with the wear-resistant fabrication, this chair is the most suitable office chair for big and tall persons.

The sophisticated and sleek design is inspired by that of a penguin so that the arms can move freely. It signifies a waving penguin.


  • Wear-resistant fabrication
  • Durability
  • Sturdiness
  • Stylish and great chair for office essential
  • Sleek design


  • The seat doesn`t stay comfortable for much longer.

5. Amazon`s Brand Basic Mesh Back Office Chair

Amazon`s Brand Basic Mesh Back Office Chair

The desk chair deals with an expert look that will function for any office. It has built-in smooth outlines and flexible settings that will support your all-day comfort. In addition to the lower-back upkeep and contoured flexible armrests, you can gently tilt the curves back and forth of the following big and tall chair for office use.

It will offer mesh sections for enhanced breathability with proper ventilation. By setting on a sturdily designed 5-point base, you can swivel between tasks and have fun with smooth mobility. You can have all that with the chair’s dual undulating caster wheels.

It can withstand a heavyweight for up to 225 pounds. That being said, it is compatible with heavy as well as short persons. Along with that, there`s an instructional manual for how to assemble the parts. That makes it a one-of-a-kind office chair.

The wide dimensions are composed of the highly fabricated seat that offers long hours of comfort to your muscles. The mesh back adjustable lumbar support offers ventilation to your back and neck.

The reason for its sturdiness is the high-width foam of the chair. Your muscles would completely feel relaxed, and you would probably forget the pain you had previously. It works excellent for long work hours at the heavy duty office tasks while sitting on a desk and playing games or playing with your devices.

That being said, you can work for long hours without feeling unnecessary tiredness and fatigue in your muscles. Along with that, the padded seat depth relaxes your muscles with adjustable size options that alleviate back pain by giving your replenishing comfort.

You can see the difference between a high-end and a low-key slumped back of a chair and a vigorous, engaged core. The Core`s excellence improves alertness and concentration on tasks.


  • The adjustable seat height of the chair
  • Mesh backrest with adjustable back support
  • 5-legged balance
  • Soft and easy armrests
  • Padded seat depth for shorter people.


  • Uncomfortable mesh back seat and doesn`t last long.

6. Amazon`s Basic Swivel Black Leatherette Office Chair

Amazon`s Basic Swivel Black Leatherette Office Chair

The market of chairs for short people varies with seats of different quality. You probably are looking for a chair with an adjustable height, reducing lower back pain, good seat depth, and seat height, and adjustability.

There is no need to search office chairs for short people as we have a list of some of the market’s best ones. This office chair features an ergonomic design that is better than many others. You ask why?

The reason is the high-width foam of the chair. The entire structure is surrounded by high-quality leather stuffed with good quantity foam that helps adjustability and reduces body pain.

Similarly, this seat has one in all features. It has a tilt control feature that allows you to tilt the chair at multiple angles, including 90 degrees. For the people in 2021, we highly recommend this chair.

More to this, mostly average chairs have a 4-legged base, while this chair offers 5-legged support that keeps it highly stable and dynamic. Its weight is 26 pounds which are quite less for a chair with this many features.

This chair for big and tall person can be easily assembled and is quite easy to understand. There is an instruction manual that is provided with it for its assembly. The max weight of this chair feature is 275 pounds which are considered as well.

When we look at its excessive feature, we will fall for it. The adjustable height has always remained a top priority while handling this heavy duty best office chair for big and tall people. Similarly, the chairs handle adjustable as well, which gives us an idea of this advanced seat depth.

There is no difficulty in its adjustability or different steps. You have to use a lever to adjust the height with the desk at the home office. The leather is of high quality to ensure wear resistance and provide the comfort that you can dream of.


  • Extremely soft and comfortable
  • Withstand the heavyweight up to 275 pounds
  • Tilt control capability for balance
  • Polyurethane leather for premium quality appearance and durability.
  • Durable and adjustable lumbar support


  • It doesn`t have a mesh.

7. NEO Mesh Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support 

NEO Mesh Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support 

As the summer is upon us, and we also need comfort with the ventilated office chairs. That being said, our health must get something reasonable that comes with the health benefits.

With the long hours of work, the NEO mesh chair offers such a durable experience that they can also enjoy sitting on an ergonomic chair while making a deal for the clients. This hectic routine will deplete all of your energy. While draining you of the power, it also causes backaches and muscular fatigue.

To avoid such experiences, get yourself an ergonomic office chair with a mesh back. The mesh material offers you aeration. Keeping your body in a straight posture makes up for the muscular pain caused by other low-end chairs.

The seat is fabricated with PU material. All the while making it shock-proof, it also gives smooth movability and easy rolling. There won`t be any scratches on the floors because of the smooth casting of the legs.

Moreover, you don`t have to worry about the stains anymore because the mesh material is stain-resistant and can be easily washed away even with a damp, wet cloth. In addition to the stain-resistant technology, it is geared with the built-in lumbar support that keeps your spine in the right curvature.

This one here is fully adjustable to any body weight and size, whether it`s a tall or short person. The seat can be adjusted by pulling the lever up or down that is placed beneath the seating. The weight capacity of this sturdily designed chair is under 400 lbs. It can withstand up to 36.5 inches to 40.5 inches.

The curve alongside the waistline is another exquisitely designed part that is the most crucial one. The waistline will feel just like a massaging chair, and it will provide you comfort and durability. The three-layered seat with the soft fabric and just beneath the padding, there`s a solid plywood material that marks up for the longevity of this chair.


  • Mesh back technology
  • PU fabrication
  • Easy to roll
  • Caster wheels
  • Scratch-free
  • Stain-resistant padding


  • Not suitable for heavy persons.

8. Flash Furniture Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair

Flash Furniture Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair

Office work is tiring, but it gets even more exhausting if you get to sit on an uncomfortable chair the entire day. So we have brought you one of the best office ergonomic design chairs. The back of the chair is specially designed to ensure the comfort of its users. Its mesh back provides you with extra comfort and allows you to relax and stretch on the chair.

This mesh back and the adjustable lumbar support chair has allows you to release the heat of your body. After an entire day of hectic work, the heat that your body releases is ventilated by the mesh holes, while preventing the high body temperature. Moreover, you can easily clean this mesh chair.

This classy chair is easy to maintain and it is highly durable, and the comfort it provides makes it worth buying. Among all other features, the padded waterfall and cushioning helps you increase your work productivity by allowing you to sit on the chair for longer work hours.

You can easily get this customized ergonomic office chair within your possession if you care about the comfort of your body. This one of the best big and tall office chairs comes in an adjustable height feature.

You can change the height of the chair as you want. The swivel seat feature that revolves about 360 degrees makes it easy for you to get to a nearby table to grab any file without getting up from the chair, therefore saving your time.

The chair comes with a titled lever feature. By pushing in, you may lock your chair in an upright position, and in order to start the rocking motion of the chair, you need to pull out the liver. These tall office chairs have a tilt tension knob that helps you to control the tilt resistance.

Other features this chair include is flip-up arms. These arms, once flipped up, can help you tuck your chair under the desk for a better and comfortable working position. And if you don’t want to do that, you can simply use them as armrests.


  • Mesh back of the chair
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Can be customized
  • Ergonomic office chair


  • The height of the arm is not adjustable.

9. Home Office Swivel Ergonomic Chair

Home Office Swivel Ergonomic Chair

This is one of the most comfortable chairs for all those working for long hours while sitting in their seats. It might be used at home or even at your office. This office chair has many features that make it one of the best office chairs.

IN addition to this, the Home-office chair can swivel for about 360 degrees. The swivel casters are suitable for different kinds of flooring. They can work on hard floors and also carpeted floors. These casters work amazingly without making any noise or leaving a scratch behind on your floor.

It is very easy to assemble this big tall chair. It comes with a manual that makes the fixing process easy and quick. The detailed instructions well explain how you can assemble this office chair at home on your own.

This chair comes with a supportive back seat that ensures the comfort of its users. The backseat is not only comfortable, and the mesh design makes it perfect for releasing the heat of your body and makes it breathable.

The back seat design makes it supportive and comfortable to help you with any kinds of pressure and pain due to working for long hours. It also helps you with muscle fatigue and soothe your body to relax while your brain deals with the hectic routine.

These multifunctional office chairs are a perfect choice for you as you can lower this tall office chair according to your height.

This amazing rocking chair lets you relax and enjoy your work time. Simply by pulling out the handle, you can rock the chair, and to stop it, you can pull the lever inward. It can handle the heavy weight of people as this office chair is suitable for people about 250lbs.

So now you do not need to worry about the breakage of the chair. You don’t need to worry about any problems as you can always get back to us in case of any issues.


  • Adjustable height
  • Swivel chair
  • Caster does not let any scratches on the floor
  • Best for people about 250lbs


  • Unstable chair
  • Small chair for tall people

10. Dowinx Big and Tall Chair for Offices

Dowinx Big and Tall Chair for Offices

Dowinx tries to make the best big and tall office chairs, so a person feels comfortable during his or her working hours while sitting on this chair. This big and tall office chair is the best option for heavy-duty offices. The seating has the best quality fox leather within the padding.

Due to its tall back, it is good for office use because your back will not get hurt while working for several. The big and tall office chairs should be height adjustable, because what a person need is to relax and give rest to the back while working long-hours in the offices.

This can also be used as a desk chair, and you can easily adjust its height according to the desk so that you don’t have to bend while working. Side handles are also present for support, so you can easily place your hands on them. To make it more comfortable, the chair is covered with soft foam padding.

With all these good features, it is budget-friendly, and you won’t regret buying it. The seat of this chair is wide and highly dense. All of these features like big & tall, adjustable height, wide seat, and foam padding are best for an office chair, and this chair also comes with a 1-year warranty. During this one year, if you have any complaints regarding the chair, it is easily replaceable.

For office use, there is always a need for a comfortable chair so that person can easily work for several hours without any trouble and fatigue. These dowinx chairs fulfill all the office chair requirements because it has all the qualities that should be present in the chair. This is one of the best choices for an office chair.


  • You can easily adjust the height of the chair
  • This tall chair also supports a back
  • Armrests are also present
  • Budget-friendly


  • Pillow should be bigger
  • The footrest is uncomfortable for taller people

Things to Check Before Getting a Chair

Adjustable Height

Before getting a chair, you should have a rough picture of the qualities that you wanted to have in your chair. The office chair should be big and tall, and you can easily adjust the chair’s height according to your position or according to the length of the desk. If the height is adjustable, you will feel relaxed, and your spine will not get hurt.

Big and Tall Office Chair

Foam Padding

Whenever you are planning to buy big and tall chair for your office essentials, you should always go for a foam-covered chair. The foam padding chair makes a chair soft and comfortable the other ones without foam covering are very hard and uncomfortable.


Armrests are the most basic part of the chair so that you can easily put your arms on that instead of your arms on the desk. The armrests also provide protection and help to balance the body on a chair. These also protect you from falling off.

Big and Tall Office Chair

Wide Seats

The seats of the office chair should be wider so that you don’t feel fully packed. If the seats are narrow, you will get tired easily and not work freely and relaxed for several hours.


1. What is the best office chair for big and tall?

The best office chair for big and tall is that which can be easily adjustable according to the height that person needs during work or according to the desk’s height.

2. What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

If you have to sit for several hours, you should buy a chair with foam padding because foam makes a chair soft and increases working hours because you feel comfortable and relaxed.

3. Are high-back office chairs good?

High back office chairs are fully recommended because if you use high back chairs, you will never get any pains in your back & spine or your muscles will also get relaxed.

4. What is the most comfortable office chair?

The most comfortable office chairs are those which have multiple qualities like adjustable height, adjustable armrests, wide seats, foam padding, head cushion, and footrest.

5. How to assemble a heavy-duty chair?

A chair comes with its manual. All the assembly tools are present inside the box. You simply have to follow the chart’s instructions, and it is very easy to get it together.

Final Verdict

If you work for long hours in a day, you must look for the best office chairs that can have a good lbs weight capacity. The big and tall office chair would be able to handle weight from 350 lbs to 400 lb weight capacity. The chair should be budget-friendly and should come with a warranty. The best chair would-be high-density foam, foam padding, and a good seat width so that it is easy to fit in for anyone.

Big tall office chairs having good lumbar support and a wide seat with leather upholstery can be suitable executive chairs. There are many chairs whose price range differs slightly. But it is better if you have to invest more to get a heavy-duty desk chair with perfectly bonded leather.

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