Whether you are working from Home or at an office, muscular aches are likely to occur. People often complain about frequent back and hip pains when using computers for longer periods.

 Has the pain ever made you wonder about changing your chair? If the answer is yes, then you already know that there are several different models to choose from in the existing furniture market.  

We have made your choices easy by creating this recommendation list for the best office chairs for hip pain. Each one is better than the last and stands out due to its unique features and credibility. Although there is no invariably perfect version, they have a different body structure, but this list makes your life easy.

Best office chair for hip pain



It would be no exaggeration to say that the Serta 4492 rightfully deserves its place as number one on our list. With extreme comfort and durability, this product is your best choice. 

Made according to user-friendly standards and state-of-the-art technology, this chair will be a great addition to your office. Use it professionally, and your posterior body, including your back, and hip will not complain of stiffness and unbearable pain. 

Serta mattresses have always been well known for their comfort and cushioning. The company has earned millions of customers’ trust by including the same level of contentment that you would get by using the former mattress. 

Moving forward to the outlook of this model, the chair is constructed from the finest, black bonded leather skin with stitching that compliments it beautifully. Your customers will surely be inquiring about the details of this magnificent piece. 

Not just offices, but the chair can be used for people working from home as well. In light of the current pandemic situations, working long hours through a computer can be quite tedious. Body aches, especially lower back pain, are a major side effect of such hard work. With the 4492 Executive model, your problems have been solved. There is no need to spend excessive money on paying medical bills; sitting upright in a chair will ease your hip pain for sure.

With adjustment controls, the customer has full autonomy to operate their chair as per their liking. The adjustable seat height is up to 43-45 inches, which caters to almost every body type. Your lumbar zone will remain intact in its position with ease and utmost comfort. 


  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Rotating feature attracts users.


  • Limited color options are available.
  • Can be a bit costly.



Have you ever felt tired and irritated with all those prolonged office hours? If yes, then Amazon Basics has something that will provide you some relief and ease while working. 

Designed for users with colossal heights, this chair has a high- back and includes the best quality commercial grade construction. Place it at your workplace and experience the top-notch durability that it boasts about. 

Bonded brown leather gives the product an elegant and sleek appearance, blends well with any contemporary office interior. Moreover, the curved armrests act as a pillar of strength, propelling you to sit upright without causing body stiffness and fatigue. 

The most common complaint from office workers tends to be of their painful lower back. Since the region is sensitive and exposed to extreme pressure during excessive sitting in one position, you are more likely to experience displeasure from it.

However, some websites included an adjustable lumbar mechanism that enables you to modify and regulate your chair’s height and width easily. All the controls have been given in the palm of your hand.

Once you have set the chair in your favored position, use the efficient locking adjustment mechanism to ensure no further rotation and discomfort. In addition to this, you have the option to swivel the chair up to 360 degrees as well. 

A well-packed parcel reaches your doorstep within few days of placing the order. It contains one executive desk chair in the most graceful leather finish and rich brown color. The company takes entire responsibility for refund and exchange in case of mishaps. 


  • Prevents hip pain.
  • Highly adjustable.




Next up in our search for the best office chairs, we have this model from Herman Miller. If you want an ergonomic office chair that won’t put a dent in your pocket, this is the most convenient option for you. 

Designed to cater to various physique and general body problems such as vision, bone and cartilage disorders, and the overall biomechanics, this chair is medically and scientifically proven. Experts in respective fields have agreed that the model will provide relief and care to patients and non-patients alike. 

An ultra-modern and progressive piece of furniture has been introduced in contrast to the conventional chairs, which would pose many issues for the users. Be it your blood pressure or your blood flow, posture, or normal alignment of the upper and lower body, this chair features all the dynamics needed for you. 

What makes this chair unique as compared to our previous two office chairs? Aside from the fact that it is good for your back and hip pain, this chair is nothing less than a masterpiece for your office aesthetics.

With uncountable ergonomic office chair features such as the seat depth with foam padding, the comfortable armrests, and the caster wheels for untroubled movement, this is undoubtedly the best purchase you will make on the best office chair for hip pain. 

The fact that Herman Miller has curated an office chair designated solely for a human being’s back and spine is commendable. You can adjust the backrest in alignment with your spinal cord and its curved shape for a well-balanced and proportionate posture. Your movement does not affect the backrest structure somehow, and the level of comfort remains to elicit. 

With four well-defined layers of the Embody seat, your chair comes with a sitting experience that beats all others. The different layers work with excellent coordination to provide you with utmost comfort and increased airflow. 

Giving a sense of being steady to perfection is what this model has incorporated. Your weight is accommodated quite evenly as you move and fidget. As a result, pressure on your ribs is relieved, and good blood circulation is ensured. 


  • Health benefits.
  • Your weight is accommodated quite evenly


  • Can be difficult to get out of the sitting position.



2X Home provides you with everything doubled. Double the comfort, double the durability, and of course, double savings come along. With dynamic measurements of 16.5x17x52.75 inches, this is one of the best chairs for hip pain.

This office chair ensures that your naturally built-in lumbar support doesn’t go anywhere. It is certainly one of the best office chairs for hip and back on the market today.

Not just offices, but various workplaces can include this classic piece of furniture in their daily use. From medical to beauty salons and spas, it works tirelessly for all!

With an adjustable seat height and advanced swiveling mechanism, you can rotate your chair up to 360 degrees to and from the starting position. Moreover, the adjustable seat depth accentuates the feasibility. It will not topple over or cause discomfort during this process. 

The seat has been designed in a saddle shape which works for your spinal cord and back pain providing ultimate relief as ergonomic chairs claim to do.

Along with the design, the seat pan is seen to be broader than any other chair to ensure perfect balancing of your body weight on either side. 

While talking about its manufacturing, it should be noted that the chair has been curated from tough PU leather, which makes it last for ages to come.

Generation after generation, this chair will be a statement piece for your office and quite easily recognizable.

An adjustable backrest ensures that your back support remains intact. A stiff sitting position is guaranteed, ensuring a good posture along with a strong lower back and increased blood flow. 

Like all the previous models, 2x Home has included Nylon caster wheels within the legs of this chair. These enable you to relocate furniture easily without destroying the floor in any way. 


  • Can be bought in a large quantity for office use.
  • Occupies less space.
  • Curated from tough PU leather


  • Sometimes, your legs can feel uncomfortable.



Have you been looking for an office chair that provides lumbar support and keeps your posture stiff throughout the day? If yes, then the Ergo human Swivel chair may just fit your bill. 

With a maximum weight capacity of almost 250lbs, this chair serves a huge range of customers. Your weight will be distributed equally in the sitting position on the highly padded seat. 

Most companies do not put environmental concerns to regard and often use hazardous material which can not be decomposed easily. With their humanistic tendencies, Ergo humans have made their mission to use recyclable bits and pieces to formulate this ergonomic office chair.

With a propylene base enriched with nylon casters, you make an environment-friendly purchase.

The chair comes with a synchro mechanism that ensures tilt tension. Sit in any desired position, either upright or reclining; your posture will not be affected. This is attributed to the adjustable headrest, which aligns to your back and hip, making them painless. 

The seat measurements are maintained at 18.5 inches depth and 20.5 inches wide, which is an ideal dimension to cater to hip and back pain easily. 

This office chair fulfills your discrete needs and wants through its highly comfortable components such as the backrest, armrests, and seat pan.

Moreover, a pneumatic cylinder works for tension control and gives you an adjustable seat height according to your preferences.

A multi-position tilt lock is introduced with this model, which fastens the chair in any of the three positions given to you. Moreover, you can use the tension control adjustment option to manage the force needed to stay in a rigid position. 

All in all, this company has raised the bar for all its contemporaries by providing one of the most innovative and useful office chairs for hip pain. An extensive one-year warranty builds your trust and confidence to invest in this luxury. 


  • Built-in lumbar support.
  • Excellent waterfall edge.


  • More suitable for users who sit for shorter time periods.



Anyone who has spent time working in regular wooden office chairs knows how severely it affects the posterior region of the body. What you need is a flexible chair that provides lumbar support along with unparalleled back support. The Tivoca Office chair promises to do all of this and more. 

First and foremost, the feature which deserves all our appreciation is the breathable mesh back that this model has. The fabric provides utmost comfort and peace with its mesh and net framework. 

In addition, you have full control over your office chair. Being an ergonomic chair, you can easily adjust the seat height and depth as per your liking.

A tilting angle of 140 degrees ensures that you can swivel and rock the chair in many directions, enjoying the sitting experience like none other. 

A versatile waterfall edge has been included, which gives a vast supporting area and increased blood flow, and decreased hip flexor pressure. The seat design is such that it uses almost 3 inches deep, highly padded, and cushioned foam, which is W-shaped for matchless back support and highly reduced pain. 

Speaking of the backrest and adjustable armrests, this model has all the qualities that the best office chair for hip could ever have.

An elastic and supple backrest provides your lumbar region with the support and resilience needed to work for long hours throughout the day. Inculcating the softest put padding within the armrests has proved to increase comfort levels by many degrees. 

Your upper body region, including head and neck, is surely in for a treat with the super soft and plushy headrest with a curved foam. Your sitting experience will be luxurious regardless of the weather and surroundings.

Tilting your back towards the breathable mesh fabric will not make you sweat and feel perplexed. Thus, your extended office hours will not irritate you nor make your body feel sleepy or tired. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Affordable.


  • Minimalist design makes them confined to a certain theme.



Serta has been one of the oldest companies to produce office chairs. With their minimalist and unique pieces, they have always won the hearts of customers worldwide.

Carrying a maximum weight capacity of massive 400 pounds and length ranging up to 33 inches, this model has been designed to be an ergonomic office chair.

Serving users with different body types and sizes, providing unmatched resilience and support alongside the best quality material.

Air Lumbar Technology has been established with this version which guarantees extensive lumbar support.

It enables the chair to stick around, support your body, and secure its various positions as you adjust yourself in the sitting process. 

The seat has a width of almost 22-1/4 inches which is enough to assure you that the headrest and lumbar regions will be equally impressive. 

Cushioned, padded, and supremely created, the 5 layers embossed within the seat pan have pocketed comfort coils to provide you with premium alleviation during working and computing. 

Style and elegance have always been the key features of Serta, as we have observed from the previous model.

Likewise, a leather skin covers this chair which gives a regal touch to your office and workplace. 

Moreover, the adjustable armrests, which boast of being handmade, provide a great addition to your solace. A seating arrangement that will surely impress everyone uniformly. 

The seat height adjustable and without any tilt tension. Toss and turn about until you get your desired position; the chair won’t creak or give away. An impressive masterpiece indeed! 

Installation is a breeze with the extensive instruction guide that comes with a well-packed package at your doorstep.

No extra professional help is needed, and your hard-earned money is saved. Call the company or email them if you have any concerns, and they will graciously provide you the needed help. 


  • Makes your company look prestigious because of its stylish aura.
  • Extremely durable.


  • Can not be used roughly.
  • Leather can stain and crack in severe weather.



The next best office chair that we have is from Molents. With adjustable lumbar support and improved seat height, this product is worth the expenditure. 

Many features can be manipulated and regulated according to the users’ preferences, which makes the model an ergonomic chair. The seat height adjustment combined with the equally adjustable headrest makes your life easier than ever.

Find a position perfectly suited for your lower back and hip pain, and relieve the tension associated with it.

Moving further, the armrests have been specially designed, keeping the user’s needs in mind.

They have a unique height adjustment phenomenon which is hardly seen in any other models of this age. Even if you have a short height, this office chair will serve you flawlessly. 

Seat depths are an important area to consider while searching for the best office chair for hip pain. In our discussed model, the seat depth has ideal dimensions to ensure that your hips are lined up in the correct range with your upper body.

The pressure on your hips is released, and efficient blood circulation follows. 

Working for large-scale companies requires longer hours and can make you feel tired easily. However, with Molents high quality mesh back office chair, you need not worry; it will take care of your needs.

Height adjustment within the headrest is no big deal; regardless of your current position, the high-grade adjustable headrest will spindle itself with your movements, and you won’t even feel a thing. 

Keeping yourself sweat-free and fresh is equally essential while working. With this user-friendly product, airflow is guaranteed to keep your back cool. The breathable mesh back accounts for this convenience as dust particles and germs move out of it quite easily. 

Easy to install and easier to use, the company has created nothing less than excellence for your needs! 


  • Improves ventilation due to quality mesh back.
  • The seat cushion is easy to clean.


  • Not very durable in comparison with leather chairs.



It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Steelcase Amia Chair is indeed as strong as steel. With its durability, unrivaled adjustable lumbar support, and price that everyone can afford, this product is a hit. 

The seat of this model is where all the attractiveness lies. The seat cushion is highly padded and adjusts well with your body movements and shape, along with the highly breathable mesh fabric incorporated within.

This flexibility makes your legs feel relaxed and relieves a lot of pressure from them, unlike all our previous recommendations. 

The backrest is provided with a vast number of flexors, making your lower back and hips stronger and sturdier while operating throughout the day at your office. 

Armrests are equally versatile with a 4-way movement system that enables them to shift sideways, up and down, back and forth, and so on according to your comfort levels in the situation.

Take up any posture, and this office chair will prove to be functional for it.

A good office chair accounts for undistinguished fulfillment of any user’s needs. Steelcase has delivered this by making the seat pan strong enough to withstand up to 300 lbs. with no considerable breakdowns.

With the dimensions of 23x37x39 inches, your money is in a good place to be for sure!

A substantial 10-year warranty from the company guarantees that you will not have to replace the chair now and then.

The installation process can be completed in less than an hour by following the detailed instructions mentioned on the website.


  • Comfortable backrest
  • Substantial 10-year warranty


  • No distinctive neck support.



Last, but not least, our recommendation list featuring the best office chairs for hip and adjustable lumbar support ends with the ultra-modern AK Racing office chair. 

The infrastructure of this product has been built with a metal frame that is non-corrosive and resistant to discolorations and stains of all kinds.

The coating is covered with high-quality foam padding and an equally soft seat beneath it. The cushioning is 80 % more durable and excellent than other office chairs in the market. 

Elegance and a redefined persona for your workplace come along with your chair as it is carpeted with PU leather which is easy to clean and long-lasting. 

Moving towards the lumbar support dynamics, we have an adjustable backrest and pillows that ensure lower back and hip comfort. No pain and irritation will be felt while sitting in this majestic piece. 

Like the Steelcase amia office chair, the armrests of this model have also been created to be extremely malleable, allowing movements in four different directions, being called a 4D armrest popularly. Rotate them up, down, back, forth, and up to the sides without any extra effort or disturbance in your work or your hips. 

The seat depth and height are maintained in inches according to your body weight and structure while sitting. Users do not have to worry about breaking or tilting the chair while swiveling. 

Along with the utmost flexibility of rotation, a versatile locking mechanism is also provided to clamp the chair in the best-desired position by you. 

2.6 inches casters are included in the legs to transfer the chair into other rooms of your respective work without destroying the flooring or marble. A height-adjustable and ergonomically designed office chair are just what you need to impress your clients!

The best part about making this investment is the five-year warranty by AK Racing for replacements in any mishaps.


  • Can be used as a gaming chair also.
  • Can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Ergonomic features


  • Genuine leather can not be identified easily.
  • Not available at the moment.

What makes the right office chair for hip pain? 

The most versatile office chairs are double-checked by their manufacturers so that they can get your hip agony under control easily and quickly. Some characteristics of a good chair for hip pain would be their seat.

The seat should be sturdy and extremely comfortable to withstand the weight of both your hips evenly.

Secondly, an exceedingly high waterfall seat edge is preferred to reduce hip pain and leg pain simultaneously. An adjustable-height would serve as icing on the cake for your lower back and lumbar region.


The manufacturing material also plays a crucial role; be it tough leather or mesh, the choice is all yours.

Both of them work equally well, with leather being resilient and a breathable mesh back being advantageous as well.

Lastly, purchasing the best chairs from a client-centric and trustworthy company would be a good investment. 


1. Can a bad office chair cause hip pain?

Bad posture and hunching over while sitting is the major cause of hip pain. If your chair is not very durable or authentic, you may face trouble and strain on your hip.

When your office chair is too low and not strong enough to withstand weight, the entire lumbar region can be affected.

Moreover, if the chairs for hip pain you have selected do not have a good quality seat or flexible backrest and armrests, you can have pain in your hips.

2. Should hips be higher than knees when sitting?

No, the knees must be at level with your hips while sitting for long hours to maintain a stiff posture and prevent back and hip pain. 

3. Are kneeling chairs good for hips?

Yes, kneeling chairs are ergonomically designed to provide benefits to your hip. Your weight is distributed equally on all sides with the alignment of the upper body. In addition, the seat design and adjustable armrests serve as tension control to keep you comfortable throughout the day. 

4. Does walking help hip pain?

Yes, walking is an excellent option to reduce hip pain. The hip joint and hip flexors get good blood circulation through walking, eliminating pain to a considerable extent. Sitting in one position can cause stiffness of muscles while walking relaxes them.

5. When should I go to the doctor for hip pain?

If your leg and the hip become immovable and the pain is excruciating, disabling your back and hips, along with swelling, you should consult a good doctor specialized in this region. 

6. How do I know if my hip pain is serious? 

Although the hip pain may not look very serious at first, it can become excessive and highly painful in a very short time. Some vital signs to observe are:

  1. If there is extreme pain in the hip flexor and is affecting your sitting, you should be aware that managing your pain will not be easy. 
  2. You are unable to put weight on the lumbar region, and walking has been affected too. 
  3. Swelling and inflammation of the area is also another sign that you should take the necessary steps to prevent your pain. 

All of these symptoms indicate that hip pain is hard and not an easy catastrophe to live with. 

Final Verdict

These are our top picks for the best office chair for hip pain in the product market nowadays. You can never identify the real cause behind your back, leg, and hip pain. However, minimizing it requires little effort.

Just include a good-quality office chair in your daily routine, and you will see the noticeable difference.

A seat that is padded, foamed, and provides the comfort you rightfully deserve will make your hips less painful and unbearable in a few days.

Doctors and scientists have recommended these chairs for hip movement and an excellent sitting experience. Once you buy it, there’s no going back for sure! 

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