Best Office Chair for Sciatica

Best Office Chair for Sciatica in 2021

Do you suffer from unbearable pain in your lower back and your entire lumbar region? If yes, you might be suffering from sciatic nerve pain. Besides medicines, you also need a chair for sciatica pain to manage your symptoms when you sit for long periods in an office or workplace. 

With so many ergonomic chair options rolling in the market, it can often be difficult to choose the best office chair for sciatica. We have created this versatile list for you to help you decide the best office chairs for sciatica. 

When taking a stride towards the market you must keep some ergonomic features in mind like the seat depth, the height adjustment mechanism, unparalleled back support, and an adjustable seat design like a waterfall seat edge should be just some of the features you need to look for in your office chair. 

We hope that reading our list makes your decision to choose the most ergonomic chair as per your budget and  convenience.

Best Office chair for sciatica



First up on our list, we have this versatile version of DN-CH-K01B by Dragonn. For people who have been looking for an ergonomic, budget-friendly chair for sciatica pain relief and unmatched lumbar support, this one is your best bet, and it’s not just because it is on this list for the best office chairs for sciatica.

This chair is constructed with a mesh back and thick seat cushion along with an optimal seat depth, this chair delivers utmost back support without pain. The lumbar area remains stiff, and your posture is not compromised.

The strongest and most durable metal has been used in the overall structure of this kneeling office chair. It will last you for ages to come and is a one-time investment for your body’s comfort. Accentuated with caster wheels, you can roam about in this chair without worrying about your lower back and sciatic nerve. The wheels have been designed so that the chair will not topple over and withstand your body weight effectively.

Normal desk chairs cause irreparable damage to your posture, forcing you to bend down for long hours while working throughout the day. But this office chair has removed that pressure from your spine with a dual functional design that easily enables standing and sitting in this chair.

Your back is kept stiff, and the bodyweight is manifested equally on all sides, keeping the chair even. Pressure on the spine is maintained, and you stay upright without experiencing lower back pain. An ergonomic chair that provides ultimate support!

Its highly adjustable height attracts all customers alike. With a wide range from 21 to 31 inches adjustable mechanism, all body types are catered to easily.

The seat design is another plus point for this model. The black color makes any space to situate this ergonomic chair look stylish and elegant. Use it in your workplaces, homes, offices, or classrooms; this chair is undoubtedly a blessing to those who suffer from sciatica.


  • The unique design reduces pressure on your spine with a waterfall edge seat.
  • Wheel casters can be fastened and locked easily.


  • A kneeling office chair may be difficult to use initially while finding a correct position for your posture.
  • Installation instructions are vague.



Whether you are working from home or at an office, the strain of working for seven or more hours in a day can have a toll on anybody’s body. A good office chair helps maintain a neutral posture while being comfortable.

The Flash Furniture chair is an office chair known for its streamlined design and ergonomic flexibility. It is designed to strengthen proper posture, therefore being equipped with the best adjustment options and ergonomic features.

Combined with a ventilated curved back and good lumbar base, the chair has optimal comfort and support. It also features a swivel seat, a height-adjustable chrome foot ring, and a pressure-relieving water edge. The seat is upholstered in the high-quality fabric while having a soft, springy cushion inside for you to sit comfortably.

The flash furniture chair has a splendid range of adjustability, provided by a tilt lever and a tilt tension knob.

This tilt lever system allows the chair to adjust the height up and down, change tilt tension/ resistance and adjust how far the chair can lean back, making the chair easy to maneuver and adjustable to your specific task and body type.

Plus, it has padded flip arms that can be folded up to your liking.

To match with modern style and design, the chair is available in a wide range of colors.

Making it easier to find the right color for your style or room décor. Get your hands on one of our designs for the cheapest treatment for your sciatica.

Use it in your houses, classrooms, or offices; this chair caters to all sectors with equal excellence. The installation is a breeze to perform with all the necessary hardware provided along with it.

Just read the extensive instruction manual, and you are good to go with a solution for your sciatica and aesthetic addition to your room outlook.


  • The footrest is retractable.


  • The chair does not recline to a full 180 degrees.



Who wouldn’t like a medical stool designed like an ergonomic office chair with unprecedented functionality and an amazing price? Well, you get all this and much more with Boss Office- the true boss in the furniture business.

Made with top-quality Caressoft vinyl and leather upholstery, this model has been curated to deliver excellence for people with unbearable back pain. With durable material, this unique stool is designed to last for generations without giving away.

An uber attractive chrome finish is seen on the overall product, especially on the base and foot ring. Place this anywhere, be it hospitals, classrooms, offices, or any medical treatment center for sciatica pain. The chair will provide lumbar support and pain relief in all situations.

Ergonomic features include seat height, which is adjustable and can be customized as per your requirements. The compact, slim body allows this chair for sciatica to be carried around anywhere easily.

In-office settings, desks of varying heights are often found. This medical stool is facilitated with a one-touch lever for height adjustments that are smooth and convenient.

It all happens at the tip of your finger, unlike a normal desk chair which requires hefty pulling and pushing all the time.

Not just the height, but Boss office has designed two rich colors especially for this model, which are black and beige, both symbols of elegance and radiance.

They will match with any room aesthetics easily, and you can purchase these without a second thought.

Doctors require rotating wheels for efficient examination of the sciatic nerve and back pain. Luckily, this is one of the best office chairs for this purpose.

The dual-ended caster wheels allow full-range swivel without making any noise or disrupting marble floors. This is what we truly call a chair cum stool with ergonomic features.


  • The chrome foot ring is removable.


  • The backrest is seen to be a little thin and flimsy as compared to other models.



Office star has been rated as a five-star company by many users due to their office chairs’ care and comfort. Designed to cater to all types of back pain, this chair is a visual and functional delight.

Any chair for sciatica pain with adjustable lumbar support always raises the bar for other contemporaries, and this one does the same. With a breathable Pro grid mesh back, your spine stays cool, and consequently, you stay refreshed throughout the day at the office. 

Three versatile modes have been provided within the back to modify the angle according to your natural spine curve and posture.

Facilitated with forwarding and backward tilt tension, you can perform desk and computer or keyboard activities comfortably. Rotate yourself back and forth until the desired position is reached and then easily lock the chair within your fixed domain. 

Moreover, this best chair also features a height adjustment mechanism whereby you can customize the height as per your sitting position and weight. 

Additional ergonomic features include a unique seat depth adjustment which has not been seen before. Pressure on your thighs and buttocks is considerably reduced, and full support is acquired.

This results in pain relief from sciatica as the sciatic nerve is relaxed and lumbar support is achieved, which is the ultimate end goal for any office chair for sciatica. 


  • All heights are catered easily.
  • A 360-degree swivel mechanism is provided.
  • Perform desk and computer or keyboard activities comfortably


  • It can be a bit expensive.



 The Sidiz T50 office chair for sciatica has been curated to add a modern touch to your traditional office interiors. With futuristic and progressive features, this is undoubtedly one of the best office chairs that we have. 

For sciatica pain to be reduced, the S shape of the spine needs to be maintained effectively. This chair does the job by the ergonomic, fully adjustable backrest to a 100 degree that guarantees support that lasts. In addition, unmatched lumbar support is also ticked off the list with this chair for sciatica pain. 

Anyone who has suffered from sciatic nerve pain knows how essential it is to maintain tilt tension and support. Well, the T50 gives you that support for low back pain implicitly. 

With an advanced multi-limited tilting procedure, the chair can be set to 5 varied angles; thus, your posture can remain stiff in all of them. Choose any particular angle by rotating and swiveling until your desired sitting position is achieved. 

Another plus point that this chair feature is the forward tilt mechanism by which the seat becomes adjustable to a vast degree and allows you to perform all kinds of work with full concentration at a tilted angle for full support according to your weight. 

The seat height is also adjustable, which caters to all heights and all body types without any pressure on the lower or upper back. 

The lever which allows tilting has been fixed on the right side of this office chair for your ease. Customize the seat depth as per your liking and enjoy lumbar support with ease. 

Lastly, Sidiz has proved itself to be one of the best companies to produce an office chair for sciatica because of its extensive three-year warranty and guarantee provided to its beloved customers in cases of a mishap. 


  • Leather upholstery is guaranteed for one year.
  • Headrests and armrests are highly adjustable.


  • Wheels can leave their marks on the floor.



Brimming with avant-garde features, the Steel case Leap office chair is great for many people, but mostly for those who suffer from sciatica and back pain. 

It employs a wide variety of ergonomic features, which make it the best chair for sciatica pain and for improving the quality of your back in general as well.

The first thing which catches any user’s eye is the adjustable seat depth and seat height. With a waterfall edge, sitting on this seat will never make you uncomfortable or, more importantly, cause any pain in your muscles. 

Steelcase has incorporated mechanisms that strengthen your lower back quite effectively, especially for sciatica. The spine remains upright, and your posture is firm and stiff as it should be. Moreover, a recline adjustment and a recline position lock accentuate the ergonomic features tenfold.

Adjust your sitting positions and make a place for your back to be comfy while working for long hours in an office or on a work desk. 

The highly contoured backrest is facilitated with a property of changing its shape in line with the natural curve of your spine so that your movement options are not limited, but your sciatica pain is.

As you put pressure on the backrest, it bends accordingly without creaking or complaining. An amazing, user-friendly product, which makes your investment feel worth every penny. 

Moving towards the chair’s aesthetics, it has been formed using Buzz 2 fabric which is high-quality polyester, in a wide variety of colors and style customizations for easy blending in any potential workspace.

Use the chair, round the clock, all day and all night; it has been designed to provide toughness like steel. Your office time will be a treat for you while you sit in this chair. 

Installation guidelines have been displayed clearly on the website, as well as with the packed chair that comes to your house. The delivery service is fast and reliable, making sure that no trouble is caused for the customer. 


  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • Caster wheels are provided for carpeted floors.


  • Armrests are not padded.
  • Lumbar support is not adjustable.



Designed for multiple uses like gaming and computing, and office work, the Herman miller embodies chair is the epitome of class and excellence. Keep on reading to know more features of this ergonomic office chair for sciatica.

Herman Miller has always been on the lookout for creating furniture pieces that won’t cost a dime and will be remembered by users of all ages alike.

Similarly, several medical professionals have approved the embody office chair, including doctors, Ph.D.’s, physical therapists, and biomechanics.

Their training and expertise have been used in the crafting of this masterpiece. No wonder it is admired and appreciated by so many customers around the globe, especially those who want lumbar support like none other. 

A highly pixelated seat and backrest make your sitting experience feel like a dream. With even weight distribution, you feel no pressure on your spine, and the back of this office chair adjusts according to the curve of your posterior body. 

Even the tiniest movements of your body are identified by the pixels in the seat. They adjust accordingly, which promotes a good blood flow and gives support to the body correspondingly. 

Herman Miller has raised the bar for office chairs with four different support layers manifested in the seat with this model.

Each layer has different properties which keep your back and lumbar region cool and promote airflow so that your posture is stiff and work is never compromised even if someone suffers from sciatica. 

The seat layering has also included pockets in the chair for convenience and easy handling of bits and pieces while you are sitting comfortably. 

Whether you decide to lean forward or go backward, the backrest does not grumble; it caters to every possible movement within your spine and allows you to sit in assorted situations. 

Ergonomic, functional, and stylish, getting a chair in this price range is almost impossible. This one is your best bet with an aesthetic that follows your artistic gaze, flawlessly improving your workspace outlook. 


  • Customization available.
  • The seat is highly padded.


  • Not very suitable for tall heights.



Ergo human has been in the furniture business for a longer time than our previously recommended company Herman Miller. With its ergonomic and environmentally friendly design, the chair is a hit among people who want durability and pain relief within their budget. 

The distinguishable feature of this model, which puts it in the category of the best office chairs, is an eco-friendly and recyclable construction. Made of a polypropylene base with a chrome variant, the model promotes ecological validity, which no other contemporary has ever done. 

Sit in any position you want, stay upright or recline or even swing backward; this chair would not complain or creak. The synchro tilt mechanism accentuated with a seat height and depth adjustment ensures that your posture and sitting locus are appropriate regarding sciatica or back pain. 

The padded backrest, highly adjustable, and comfortable armrests, along with a back cushion, are some of the more ergonomic features given to the customer. You feel no pressure on your thighs and limbs while sitting and working on prolonged projects in your office. A whooping weight limit of up to 250 lbs. shows how all types of users can invest in this chair without any worry. 

Adaptability is guaranteed with a three-position smart tilt lock which enables you to choose a position and then fastens it in place with the pressing of a single button. Ultra-modern mechanics are observed with the tension control adjustment, giving just the right amount of force required for sitting correctly. 

Breathable and airy mesh back guarantees airflow, and with a price point that beats all previous models, the company has created a statement piece for sure. 


  • The chair is easy to move.
  • The seat cushion is soft and comfortable.


  • It is unavailable at present.



Last up in our recommendation list for the best office chair for sciatica; we have a cheaper version of the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Of course, with all the functional and durable features that an ergonomic chair should have. 

This mid-back chair is especially great for users with sciatica and lower back pain which drains the life out of a person while working. But, with the mesh back design of this model, your spine gets the support it needs while shifting positions and moving. With every move you make, the chair moves with you, simultaneously adjusting to the natural curve of your posterior body. 

High-quality, tough metal has been used to construct the heavy-duty base of the chair, which makes it feel and look sturdy. Experts have predicted that it is a one-time investment as the model’s life is almost five exceeding years. Use it in any room, in any direction and possible way; you will never be disappointed with the quality as WorkPro has pledged to work for you in this vast field. 

Although the Quantum pro looks basic at first sight, it possesses many ergonomic features that are ultra-modern. A small petite knob has been provided on the side to adjust the three modes of this piece. 

A seat with a waterfall edge, and a depth adjustable between 19 to 21 inches, makes every user, tall or short satisfied with its operations. A strong tilt mechanism, accentuated with stronger 3D padded armrests, makes you feel comfortable as ever. 

Even the armrests can be adjusted at varying degrees between 5 and 25 for pivoting your arms in line with your upper body for the best, stiff posture that you deserve for sciatica pain.

Use the chair in all weathers, spring summers, or even shivering winters; the mesh back material will ensure that your back stays dry and you remain fresh throughout the day. 

As stated earlier, the price range is the cherry on the cake for this company. If anything, it is rather underpriced for the amount of adaptable and attractive features that it possesses and delivers in line with the praiseworthy customer service from WorkPro. 


  • Stylish design.
  • The armrests can be adjusted at varying degrees between 5 and 25 for pivoting


  • The armrest is seen to be a bit sensitive to overweight

What makes the right office chair for sciatica?

The best office chair for sciatica is categorized by unmatched lumbar support and ergonomic features that will enable you to sit for long hours without sciatica nerve pain.

Moreover, good blood circulation and tension control for lower back pain and a better posture for people who suffer from sciatica are absolutely essential.

If we talk about certain countable features which would make the best office chair for sciatica pain, they are:


The chair should provide unlimited back support for your spinal curve to be maintained naturally and your lumbar region strong. This eases the pressure on the nerve, causing sciatica.

Office Chair for Sciatica


The chair should have a highly adjustable seat depth. A waterfall seat edge would be preferred for sciatic pain, along with tilting mechanisms and comfortable, adjustable padded armrests. 


A height-adjustable office chair is necessary to maintain a considerable distance between your thigh and the seat edge.

This strengthens your mid-back and lower body for quick relief from the pain caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Office Chair for Sciatica

Also, the chair should be able to cater to all heights and weights alike. This involves the distribution of the weight effectively between all regions. 


The adjustable lumbar support should be there in your office chair to keep pressure on your lower back for a sitting position that is comfortable throughout the day. 


A tilt tension forward seat to reduce pressure within the thighs when you change your seating position. 


The chair should be durable, and looking for well-reputed brands can help you in this case.

Look at different websites and reviews like the one we have created to choose the best chair as per your needs. 


For sciatica sufferers, an ergonomic office chair must have a fully adjustable footrest to distribute the weight of the human body and lumbar area evenly. 


Although sciatica pain should ideally go away in 6 to 8 months, a good chair must be long lasting, having a life for about two to three years for re-use in case the pain appears again.

Office Chair for Sciatica

This is also necessary to prevent the pain and maintain good posture habits over the years passed. 


The best office chair should also be affordable enough, so you don’t have to break the bank to purchase it, and ergonomic so that more and more people can access it and have relief from the unbearable sciatic nerve pain that they go through daily for long hours. 


The chair should be able to roll effortlessly for movement between the office rooms easily.

The caster wheels should be padded with rubber so that the floor is not destroyed.

Such good ergonomics enable you to work without any hassle. 


A well-equipped office chair will not only offer relief from sciatica but will add a touch of elegance and grace to anywhere that it goes. Be its classrooms, offices, or homes; it would be a visual focal point for everyone that will enter the room.

In addition, good ergonomics also include customized colors and style options, like mesh, leather, or nylon, for a customer to choose from easily by their room interior. 


1. Can you sit on a hard chair cause sciatica?

If you suffer from sciatica pain now and then, you are bound to be aware of the agony and irritation that sciatica causes.

Besides medical reasons, there might be certain issues with your sitting position or posture that might be causing pressure on the sciatic nerve, resulting in back pain.

One of the issues might be sitting for long hours in a hard desk chair. The sciatica nerve requires continuous back support, and an office chair that provides lower back and mid-back support is necessary for you.

Your core muscles tend to get weak if you remain in one seating position throughout the day.

The ligaments and hip muscles around the lower body get tightened up, resulting in complete or partial mobility.

Sitting in a hard chair for long periods can disrupt your posture and spine curve, for which you might need to consult a physical therapist as well.

The weight of your entire body should be in alignment with every body part for a better posture and lessen lower back pain.

If you move around and be active, your blood circulation can commence again, and the destruction caused by sitting on a hard chair can be relieved.

Your backrest should be high to provide efficient lumbar support for sciatic nerve pain.

A hard chair does not guarantee any of these features, hence sitting in such a chair can be the cause for sciatica pain.

2. Is a standing desk good for sciatica?

Working for long, extensive hours in the office can often cause your sciatica pain to flare up and become unbearable.

On top of it, sitting in an office chair for more than 8 hours a day can cause aggravation of your pain if nothing else.

However, people with sciatica have sworn that a standing desk can help lessen the pain to a greater extent. Here is how a standing desk can help you:

Doctors say that during sciatica is good to give yourself some movement instead of sitting stagnant in one place.

Here is where a standing desk will help you since it forces you to get up and release the pressure from your butt and thighs.

They are not a magic cure, but you must continue movement while using a desk to get the most benefit from them.

Alternating positions between small intervals is helpful and 20 minutes for your muscles and nerves is a good option.

Moreover, a standing desk provides standing support to make your alternations between sitting and standing easier and extra comfortable.

A good standing desk chair also alleviates your weight by distributing it evenly within your spine and pelvis to release pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Moreover, a unique hybrid sit-stand position can also be acquired with the help of a standing desk, which is also proven to cure the pain of sciatica.

Adjustable lumbar support is the best in standing desks, whereby your lower back is supported at the best spot, which you require for effective pain relief.

Pair it up with an ergonomic footrest, and see how your back and spine are healed in an instant!

3. How do you sit in an office chair with sciatica?

Even though sitting for long periods of time is not a good option for sciatica, getting an ergonomic best office chair with multiple features can prove to be a good purchase. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your pain bearable while sitting in a chair:

  1. Sit straight with your back properly supported against the chair. Drooping or hunching your shoulders will only increase your pain, so that is not a good choice. 
  2. Keep your feet flat at the ground since swinging your legs above ground level can cause your pain to be worsened. 
  3. Your hips and knees should be bent at a 45-degree angle for increased lumbar support. 
  4. If you feel like turning around, use a chair with wheels to twist the entire chair instead of putting pressure over your back to move backward. 
  5. Crossing your legs should be prevented while sitting in a chair at the office. Crossed legs do not allow blood to flow and increase numbness and pain in your lower body. 
  6. Choose a proper ergonomic chair that would alleviate your back and thighs in line with each other for comfort. 

4. What is the best chair to sit in if you have sciatica?

 Several chair types and versatile designs are rolling in the market for people suffering from sciatica. Each of them offers lumbar support and relieves your back from pressure. Sit in any of these, and your symptoms will get better for sure. 

  1. Recliners: a rotating recliner can help you manage your sciatica. They are better than normal chairs at providing comfort and reliability; many competing companies sell good quality recliners within the market. 
  2. Back supporting wedges: placing wedges behind your car seat can help reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve. As a result, your posture is maintained, and pain is healed. 
  3. Lumbar supporting furniture: Any chair or a comfortable piece of furniture that provides lumbar support is necessary for sciatica to be helped. Since it begins in the lumbar region and moves on towards the lower back and thighs. 
  4. Chairs with footrests: A good footrest associated with any office chair can help position your body in the correct place, thus reducing sciatic nerve pain and bring you comfort. 

All of these chairs can help people suffering from sciatica in the best way possible. Get any of these and experience it for yourself.

5. How do you sit comfortably with sciatica?

Prolonged sitting causes great pressure and tension on the sciatic nerves, which causes them to become stiff, and you experience raging problems in sitting and standing. Working in homes or offices becomes tough, but one has to perform their daily chores regardless. To make things easier while you sit on a desk, here are some tips and tricks you can follow to sit comfortably while suffering from sciatica or back pains:

  1. Do not sit for too long. Take breaks in regular intervals of 20 to 30 minutes. You can walk, stretch and perform some exercises directed by your physical therapist, which target the back to make it resilient and keep your posture upright.
  2. Doctors recommend keeping your knees in perfect alignment with your hips to reduce the unbearable pain of sciatica. 
  3. Keep your feet flat on the ground, and you can also elevate or lower your knees correspondingly to bring about some movement to reduce the stiffness in your limbs. 
  4. Choose an ergonomic good quality mesh back chair to sit up straight. Do not droop your shoulders; let your chair do the job of supporting your back movements and monitoring them closely. 
  5. Make sure that the chair you decide to purchase is well suited for your body type and weight. There are several good options like Herman Miller Aeron or Ergo Human swivel chairs, making you feel great while sitting. 


With this, we come to the end of our specially created list for the best office chair for sciatica. 

Be it a mesh back chair or leather upholstered one, a model from Herman Miller Aeron, or Flash furniture, the best office chairs will work on your sciatic pain symptoms along with providing elegance and grace to your beloved workspaces and houses. 

Most of these products are medically certified and tested by doctors and practitioners worldwide to make your sitting experience and every bit of money spent worthwhile. 

We hope that our efforts will help you find the best office chair for sciatica among so many ergonomic and affordable options available in the product lines of well competent companies. 

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