Best Office Chair for Short Person

Best Office Chair for Short Person of 2021

Well, it is annoying to find a comfortable best office chairs for your office or home. Nevertheless, we have to figure out the best seat to meet our cause. If you are a person with a short height, then the stress becomes evenly more.

You won’t imagine, but many doctors claim that most of the lower back pain is caused due to the chair that is being used. There is a chance that you might feel pain in different parts of your body just because of a simple chair.

Why worry when you have our support as your partner. We have searched for some of the best chairs for the short person in 2021 that could be adjusted with height. The key features of these chairs include tilt control, angle adjustment, ergonomic design, lumbar support and a comfortable feel throughout the day.

Relax, and just check out some of the best chairs on our list. We hope that you could find the seat of your type in this article. Well, if you are still thinking about your height issue, then stop right there. After reading this, you would probably forget that you are short.

So let’s check some of the most interesting and comfortable chairs for short people.

Best Office Chairs for Short Person 2021:

1. Ergonomic Best Office Desk Chair

Ergonomic Best Office Desk Chair

Don’t waste your time looking here and there for the low-end office chairs while you can invest in this affordable yet comforting best office chairs. The meshwork is used in the manufacturing to make the back seat of this chair.

The lumber back support ensures the comfort and support that your tired body demands. This soft backseat helps you soothe any back pain you get due to other uncomfortable chairs in your office settings.

The breathable meshwork and the back seat’s locking mechanism help keep the back in an upright position. The seat height of the chair can also be adjusted according to requirements. This adjustable seat makes the chair one of the best chairs for short people.

This ergonomic office chair is one of the best office chairs as it is constructed in a way to meet the demands of customers. This chair can be used in many ways, that includes office setup and also for gaming purposes. To adjust the seat you can rotate it with adjustable mid bak lumbar support.

This is a perfect chair if you work on the computer for long hours and get tired. Now buy this chair and enjoy your gaming sessions or work on the computer stress-free as this chair allows full mobility. With lumbar back support, the backrest seat with a flexible seat edge is at 90 degree angle that helps in maintaining the correct body posture.

Quality is our foremost priority in making chairs. We ensure the safety and as well comfort of our customers. We make sure not to use any material that is easily breakable or harms the customer in any way.

Our best lumbar support chairs have cleared all requirements of BIFIMA certification. These certified chairs are reliable to be used by people that weigh up to 250 pounds.

This office chair is easy to assemble. You no longer have to waste your time on assembling as it requires only 10 minutes. The mesh back chair comes with all the hardware and important tools. You simply follow the instructions and fix it, and it’s ready to be used in your office or home. This ergonomic office chair comes with 90 days warranty, including a satisfaction guarantee of 100%.

The customer’s concerns are well catered and looked into to guarantee the promised comfort and reliability. You can always reach out to BestOffice customer service in case of any problem.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Mesh backseat ensures comfort
  • The locking mechanism keeps the backseat upright
  • Mobility of this breathable mesh back office chair allows wide uses


  • Limited weight

2. Furmax Office Desk Ergonomic Seat Chair for petite people

Furmax Office Desk Ergonomic Seat Chair for petite people

This is one of the best chairs in the market. This is a high back office chair that is perfect for office use and also for studying or gaming in your room. This desk chair is made up of leather and so is soft and comfy for your back.

Now you can work for long hours without getting tired or suffering from any back pain. The bucket seat allows you to enjoy a comfortable sitting and the padded armrests along with the soft fabricated seat are an additional feature that provides you extra comfort as you can set your tired arm on the soft armrest. Along with that it offers nice and massive arm height for petite person.

Now you can grab anything you want from another side without getting up from your seat due to the 360-degree swivel wheels. These wheels can help you run around your room without getting any scratches on your floor. The soft padded seating and 2 inches of the backrest allow you to sit for long work or gaming.

People of short height find difficulty finding a perfect chair for them with a fully adjustable seat. Now your problem has been resolved as this chair comes with a seat-height adjustment, so you can now increase or decrease the chair’s height according to your height.

The chair allows a maximum of 280lbs to be seated on it, giving a wide back resting area. Now don’t waste any more time and invest in this amazing chair for yourself and your kids.

This ergonomic chair design for shorter people looks classy and yet comforting. The leather used in the chair makes the chair soft, and the mesh design is breathable. The good quality used to make this chair ensures the durability and strength of the chair. This leather chair is fabricated with soft and durable seat cushion that offers great comfort while working.

You can sit back and relax on this chair, move the chair back and forth, and release your tiredness by stretching while sitting on the chair.


  • Made up of leather for comfort
  • The height of the seat can be adjusted
  • Breathable mesh backseat


  • No flexibility on weight

3. Home Office Ergonomic Computer Chair

Home Office Ergonomic Computer Chair

Once you invest in this amazingly comfortable ergonomic office chair, there’s no going back. This is the best desk chair which is made by a high-density sponge cushion, which gives it softness and flexibility. This office chair with a middle design on its back makes it attractive perfect for the short or petite people.

The rectangular ornament design does not only makes this ergonomic office chair beautiful but also aids in its comfort by providing good lumbar support to the chair.

You won’t find any difficulty setting up this ergonomic chair as it comes with a desk chair instruction that is easy to understand. Using the manual, the setup becomes even easier to assemble.

The assembling time is not more than 10 minutes. You can also adjust the seat height according to your height and office desk requirement.

So now you won’t spend half a day fixing it and saving a lot of your time which can be given to work. Just take out few minutes, and you are good to use it.

The quality of this ergonomic chair is amazing and guarantees your safety and comfort. All accessories of the good office chair have cleared the BIFMA test, which further confirms the customer’s safety.

The breathable mesh-work can also withstand 250lbs of weight, so now you need not worry about the chair’s strength as you know the limit it can handle. Along with the use of gas cylinder controls, you can adjust your seat height accordingly.

This chair can be used in many ways, in your offices or even in your homes. The lumbar support of this adjustable seat height makes it perfect for people who have short heights. It comes with an armrest, so now you can work hard and for long without getting your hands tired.

The seat cushion of this chair further aid in its comfort, giving you a nice working experience. So why waste time by looking for options when you have one right in front of you.


  • Adjustable height of the seat for shorter people.
  • High-density sponge cushion used
  • Breathable meshwork backseat


  • Wheels are not very reliable
  • No relaxation on weight

4. Furmax Ergonomic Lumbar Support Chair

Furmax Ergonomic Lumbar Support Chair

Not so long ago, people had less concept of good customized office chairs that could provide lumbar support or, in other words, the best ergonomic office chairs. The main target was the chair for shot people to reduce back pain and maintain a proper body posture.

This particular chair is all flashy in appearance and comes in a wide variety of colors depending upon your requirement. There are always some prerequisites for a chair for short people. Some of these factors are adjustable arms, seat angle, height adjustment, ergonomic design, width, and depth of the chair.

This best chair offers a quality ergonomic design meant to give you complete support and maintain a sound body posture. For better breathability, the chair’s rear is in breathable mesh back from which it creates ease of breathing in-home office.

The chair’s width is suitable, and it is highly comfortable because of the padded seat that has depth up to several inches that would reduce the pain while working on a desk. You can tilt the rear of the seat for better relaxation and enjoy your long hour’s work.

For every seat, weight capacity is a mandatory factor that you would look for. No need to worry as it can bear 265lbs weight with ease. It has a reliable frame, and the support is sturdy so that you can relax with this office chair for short people.

Similarly, the seat width is different from other brands as its size is several inches bigger than the standard one. The seat cushion is quite soft and has high width that leads to more comfort and support from the base for short people.

We highly recommend this height adjustable seat for desk chairs as it can be used accordingly, and you won’t need to worry about your height. Rather focus on your work. So what more would you probably want from it?

The lumbar support is like a proper hold of your back and adjusting it properly while working.


  • This chair features height adjustment for shorter people
  • It can be tilted for relaxation
  • The best ergonomic chair design supports back pain
  • Breathable Mesh back office chair increases breathability
  • There`s a large width of the seat
  • The Lumbar supports the lower back of the body


  • The weight it can bear is very limited.

5. Amazon Basics Ergonomic Swivel Black Leather Chair

Amazon Basics Ergonomic Swivel Black Leather Chair

The market of chairs for short people varies with seats of different quality. You probably are looking for a chair with an adjustable height, reducing lower back pain, good seat depth, and seat height, and adjustability.

There is no need to search office chairs for short people as we have a list of some of the best ones in the market. This office chair features an ergonomic design that is better than many others. You ask why?

Well, let us answer you this. The reason is the high width foam of the chair. The entire structure is surrounded by high-quality leather stuffed with good quantity foam that helps adjustability and reduces body pain.

Similarly, this seat has one in all features. It has a tilt control feature that allows you to tilt the chair at multiple angles, including 90 degrees. For the people in 2021, we highly recommend this chair.

More to this, mostly average chairs have a 4-legged base, while this chair offers 5-legged support that keeps it highly stable and dynamic. Its weight is 26 pounds which is quite less for a chair with this many features.

This chair for short people can be easily assembled and is quite easy to understand. There is an instruction manual that is provided with it for its assembly. The max weight of this chair feature is 275 pounds which is considered as well.

When we look at its excessive feature, we will fall for it. The adjustable height has and will always remain a top priority while handling this best office chair for short people. Similarly, the chair’s handle is adjustable as well, which gives us an idea of this advanced seat depth.

There is no difficulty in its adjustability or different steps. You simply have to use a lever to adjust the height with the desk at the home office. The leather is of high quality to ensure wear resistance and provide comfort that you can dream of.

Moreover, the armrest is also fused with foam for placing arms over soft and comfortable armrests. The wheels are of high quality and work efficiently for moving around.


  • Extremely soft and comfortable
  • Bears weight of 275 pounds
  • Tilt control capability for balance
  • Padded seat and armrests
  • Polyurethane leather for premium quality appearance and durability.
  • Soft seat cushion
  • Durbale lumbar support


  • It doesn’t have a mesh.

6. Amazon Basics Upholstered Adjustable Black Chair

Amazon Basics Upholstered Adjustable Black Chair

The use of seats varies from home to offices. It is a high probability that you might need a fully professional petite office chair with the adjustable seat height for long hours of work. There is also a chance that you don’t need a seat with excessive features. A basic one would work as well.

So if you are looking for a mediocre seat edge that should be comfortable and adjustable, we believe this is the one you have been looking for. It has all the features of a mediocre seat depth chair and is best suited for people with short height.

First of all, let’s discuss the appearance of the seat. It seems like a professional seat that is best suited for office work and has a smart design. You would be more than just comfortable while using this best office chair for a short or petite person.

Additionally, this chair has a breathable mesh backrest that helps in breathing and provides suitable support as well. This mesh is highly stiff and is a source of breathing for the body. It can be deemed as the best ergonomic office chair in the market.

As we know that the perfect seat depth for shorter or petite people is 18 inches or less. Given that this good office chair is well-suited fir shorter people. It has a height adjustment capability which is the basis of our review.

In a standard office, the seat can give a classy look and is the best office chair for short people. You just have to move the lever and adjust the height as per the desk.

The quality of a chair is determined by the features and the durable things it is composed of. This one has a strong center rod that gives a basis of a strong structure with a reasonable weight-bearing capacity.

In addition to its tremendous fully adjustable height range, the waterfall seat edge helps in alleviating the work load and stress.

The wheels of the seat are made up of durable plastic so that even if you are moving around, the wheels will support you while moving. There is no limitation to movement as it can rotate about 360 with ease.

As far as the assembly is concerned, be at ease as even if it is your first time buying a seat, its assembly is very easy, and you can do it all by yourself.


  • Easy assembly
  • Rotates in all directions
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Mesh breathability
  • Excellent ergonomic design


  • It has a low weight-bearing capacity.
  • There are no armrests.

7. Hbada Office Adjustable Height Desk Chair

Hbada Office Adjustable Height Desk Chair

For professional office work, a professional chair is highly suitable. You ask why? The reason is the hectic long hour’s work that tends to increase the stress over us along with our body. This one her is the one you have been waiting for

We agree that our concern is not with a flashy appearance, but a flashy appearance does matter. The reason is that a good chair would make you feel like it is relieving your stress while working in an office.

It is an adjustable desk chair that is highly decorative and tends to create pressure in the others. The armrest, for instance, can be easily flipped depending on the location where you want them, or they would create ease for you.

Similarly, the backrest is different from other chairs. It is an S-shaped curve that intends to keep the body posture straight and reduce the pain in your neck or back. This would strengthen your body and take away all of the pain in an instant.

This adjustable chair is suitable for offices, as it a space-saving chair. Take the example of an armrest that can be adjusted for making space. So, either it is an office or living room, this chair is simply known for its adjustability.

The lumbar support with the soft fabricated backrest keeps your body in a perfect posture that ensures the comfort of your muscles even in a stressful environment.

Most people face issues like height adjustment or pain in the lower back of the body. No worries, like this one here, have both characteristics. The seat cushion is extremely soft because of the dense foam that is used with it.


  • High-density foam
  • Adjustable seat height and rear support
  • High-quality material
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Mesh breathability with the perfect seat depth.
  • In-built mesh backrest with full lumbar support.


  • Comes in fewer colors
  • No instruction manual for assembly

8. Amazon Basics Swivel Office Black Desk

Amazon Basics Swivel Office Black Desk

The market of the chair comes in a wide variety. This variety is not based only on design and colors rather on the series of features. There is no need for excessive features if your work is at home, but you might need good exercise at the office.

This one set is extremely soft because of the dense seat cushion this seat has. It provides relative comfort that reduces the work stress and suits best for office chairs for short people. So short, people no need to worry about their height anymore.

The weight-bearing capacity reaches up to 225 pounds which remains quite well. There is a 5-legged base of this seat, which increases balance control and prevents tilting, leading to an accident.

The armrests has been proved to be an all-time favorite for people as they are a soft place for arms to be placed. The height is fully adjustable as well because of its capability. The backrest and seat itself is covered with a good design which is usually found in professional ergonomic chairs.

Your muscles would completely feel relaxed, and you would probably forget the pain you had previously. It works excellent for long work hours at the office desk while playing games or playing with your devices.

That being said, you can work for long hours without feeling unnecessary tiredness and fatigue in your muscles. Along with that, the padded seat depth relaxes your muscles with adjustable size options that alleviate back pain by giving your replenishing comfort.

You can clearly see the difference between a high-end and a low-key slumped back of a chair and a vigorous, engaged core. The Core’s excellence improves alertness and concentration on tasks.


  • Adjustable seat height of the chair
  • Mesh backrest with adjustable back support
  • 5-legged balance
  • Soft and easy armrests
  • Padded seat depth for shorter people.


  • Bears less weight than most of all.

9. Flash Furniture Mesh Swivel Office Chair

Flash Furniture Mesh Swivel Office Chair

Last but not least, in our curated list of the best chair for 2021, there’s an inexpensive yet assiduous Mesh backrest Swivel Chair by Flash furniture. No matter If you’re seeking the Mid-back lumbar support office chair, this here is the best option for that purpose.

With exceptional seating, it offers great comfort for yourself or your office purposes. You can also get this one-of-a-kind sturdy little chair for your multiple employees. No worries if you are short on a budget because Flash Furniture offers their top-notch yet durable products at a very reasonable price range.

Along with that, this ergonomically designed mesh backrest chair will fit the bill. You can outperform many others with the possession of this office task chair as it soothes your muscles in a way that you can work for long hours without worrying about the lower back pain.

That said, it has been styled in a way that is inclusive of lumbar back support, comfortable mesh fabricated seating, adjustable seat height with the heavy build construction.

Adding more to its qualities that it possesses, one of them is its upgraded modern style with the black and white color combination. It gives out a vibrating sleek, replenishing outlook that steals away the heart of the businessmen.

Moreover, considering the safety of users, Flash follows ANSI or BIFMA standards with ventilated nice curves. This fabrication and the sleek peak of its back lessens the chance to get overheated. Instead, it relaxes your muscles by keeping the optimum body temperature.

This chair is highly customizable as it offers 360 degree swivel seat. With the tilt tension height adjustment, you can pull the lever up and down. Voila, there goes your perfect office chair for short heighted ones too.

These tilt tension knobs control the resistance against overweight, and you can also pull them out to get and activate the rocking position. Furthermore, there are functional flip-up padded arms that offer ease of access to your arms and shoulder muscles.

This chair is highly spacious as it saves you a lot of space fitting in anywhere. You can put it in the corner of your room or before the desk wherever you want. Given that, it is very comfortable and takes away the heft off of your back and joints.


  • Ease of installation.
  • Highly customizable height.
  • Spacious can be used as an office or computer chair.
  • Padded seat that offers great comfort.
  • Mesh-molded back lumber support.


  • No headrest.
  • Requires more adjustability options.

What to look for before buying?

Office Chair for Short Person


Before investing your money in any of the office chairs, it is important to look into the adjusting capability of the chair. In any home based small business setup, many people could be using the chair.

These people may not all be of the same heights and sizes, so the first thing in a chair to be considered while buying should be that its height can be changed.

A short person with small heaight range can lower it down while a long person would need the longer height of a chair. So you should always invest accordingly.


Many chairs in the market offer good seating, but few give the armrest any importance. During long, tiring work, one has to rest his arm on any support.

Office Chair for Short Person

If there are no armrests, the strain in your arms and shoulders can reduce the productivity of your long hour projects as it will tire your workers more, and they won’t be able to do more work. Moreover, the armrest should be soft and padded to ensure further comfort.

Material used

Before buying a chair, one should always look into the details of the material used. A breathable material used to make the backseat allows your body to breathe after sitting on the chair for a long day.

The material of the seat should also be soft so that the customer does not get tired while sitting on it for a long time. It should be very comforting for the customer so that the customer comes again to buy the product.

Since the material determines the quality of the product, it is important to look for a good material while choosing the chair.


You need to be more vigilant before purchasing the office chair, especially if you are a short heighted person. We have gathered nine best chairs with the headrests that you will often see in a stroppy position for short people.

Such featuring headrests are deliberately manufactured to fit into the arc of your neck. If you have a short height range to use these chairs appropriately, then the headrest will end up pushing the back of your head forward. If that happens, then those chairs are not suitable to serve you the right purpose.

Office Chair for Short Person

Regardless if you really want a luxurious headrest, then look out for the chairs that have been specifically manufactured for such purpose to give their users the best chance that fits properly.


1. Is it better to have an office chair with or without arms?

Having an office chair with arms has its own perks. You get to relax your arms after a long day of work. You will have proper keyboard typing and office work arm support with a perfect angle with no extra effort from your side. Though having detachable arms is a plus point.

2. Are gaming chairs good for the office?

These can be very beneficial as they provide optimum comfort and balance to your back all the time. You can have them to recline after you are done. The headrest will give your neck muscles the comfort they needed the most. Thus, a good option to use it in your office.

3. How do I choose an office chair?

You need to look for brand reliability and what your office needs are. If you are going to be sitting all day at work, then you need a more relaxing one with easy cushions and more. It also needs to be sturdy to handle the load all day. Along with that, the height range can be easily accessed to adjust the seat.

4. What is the most comfortable office chair?

Many items on this list are the topmost comfortable chairs in 2021. Therefore, selecting any one of these will surely give the best mesh back support, and your craving for comfort will be fulfilled.

5. What is the best chair for sitting all day?

The home office is a quality brand, so the mesh computer chair is a really good option. That’s because the breathable chair makes it sweat-proof. Thus a quality chair to be used in an office.

Final Verdict

Most researchers highly recommend using a good chair in the office. The reason might be quite understandable to you know. You don’t need to take the stress of going into details of all chairs for short height. Rather our list would be more than enough.

There are some features of every chair, but a chair with all features and competitive price is the best one so far. A good chair should have adjustable height, seat depth, seat height, mid-back strength, mesh office, lumbar support, and much more. Such a seat would probably have all kinds of features you could expect of.

We aim to help you in search of the best office chair for short people. This would reduce your burden and help you reach a credible decision before investing money randomly. We would recommend you focus on quality rather than quantity.

Although some are expensive features, they precede expectations there. So get the amazing chair for short people from our list. This list is based on our experience ad reviews. We hope this would have helped you enough to get to the right decision. Till then, thanks.

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