Best Office Chair For Tailbone Pain

Best Office Chair For Tailbone Pain

Well, we believe that if you are here, then you are probably working hard. No doubt, hard work is the key to success, but good health and a strong spine are necessary for proper and efficient work. You might have pain in the lower back or neck because of the office chair.

There is no need to worry as we have prepared a list of some of the best office chairs for tailbone pain. Tailbone pain can lead to a hurdle in everyday work. So let’s have a look at the list we have prepared that would surely lead you to get to a suitable decision.

1. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Suppose you are annoyed by your back pain, no worries. You have reached the right place. We offer you one of the best chairs for a troublesome back. If you do not want to lose focus on work and rather think about your pain, then invest in this chair for the tailbone. This amazing chair is made to boost your energy after long tiring work.

When you work while sitting on this chair, the micro-movements work by engaging your body and mind and helps you improve your focus and hence improves the productivity of work. So buy this amazing office chair for your workers and help them relieve their back pain.

This ball chair can be used both in your classrooms and can also be used as office chairs. The chair comes with a certain range of heights for people that can use it. It is designed for people who are 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches. It can fit most average height desks.

If you need more height of the chair, you can separately invest in leg extenders of Gaiam that add about 2 inches in height. The total weight this ball chair can bear is about 300 pounds, so don’t waste any further time and order this office chair if you want to get rid of your coccyx pain.

This office chair comprises certain parts that come with it. It includes a ball for Exercise, which is about 52 centimeter, a chair base, a support bar, and an air pump. It also includes a metal ball holder, four easy-glide wheels, and a desktop exercise guide which helps you to assemble the item easily.

The ball is supposed to be inflated and stretch to its maximum to use. Don’t waste any more time and enjoy the features of this one of the best office chairs.


  • Suitable for height 5 feet to 5 feet and 11 inches
  • Comes with a manual for assembling
  • Easy to use
  • Micro-movements help to engage both mind and body
  • Provides lumbar supports


  • The metal bar is not strong enough.

2. Gaiam Disc Wobble Cushion Balance

Gaiam Disc Wobble Cushion Balance

This is one of the best choices for you if you have coccyx pain or lumbar regions. This is a disc-shaped cushion that can be placed on any of your ordinary office chairs. This disc helps to strengthen the back and promotes good posture. It allows you to sit comfortably on your normal chair and helps relieve your lower back pain by maintaining a straight position of your back.

This disc can be used in many ways for various exercises that help to straighten your spine and also helps in any lumbar pain. It can be used with the chair and also without your office chairs to increase your balance while you sit in front of the computer the entire day to work.

This balance cushion can also be used as a meditation cushion. You can place the seat anywhere and do your exercises.

Children can also use the cushion in their classrooms to improve the focus of hyper students on studies. It acts as an outlet and helps to release their energy. This cushion comes partially inflated as it is 16 inches in diameter.

The cushion can also be deflated according to preferences using a needle. This cushion requires no pumping action and easy to use for better support for the lower back.


  • Cushion is removable
  • It comes partially inflated
  • Requires no extra pumping


  • Does not get fixed to the chair

3. MANTRA SPORTS Ball chair for Exercise

MANTRA SPORTS Ball chair for Exercise

This is one of the best options for you if you have problems with your spine. This amazing ball can help you with a full-body workout and can also help you tone your muscles. It helps to improve back pain and relieve your coccyx pain. You can do Yoga, and Pilates, and many other exercises to burn fat.

This ball is a perfect choice for your back pain. You can now replace your office chairs with this ball and completely change your game.

This ball can help you improve your spinal health and supports your back. It can be used to improve body posture. This can be used to reduce your pain in your coccyx.

This office chair is made of multi-layer heavy-duty PVC. Its good quality allows it to be used to bear heavy loads up to 750lbs. It comes with a stable base that makes sure the ball does not move while working out.

So don’t waste time and order this chair to cure your back pain and improve your posture in no time. This chair is the one that has all-in-one features and can deem as the best of all times.


  • Cost-effective
  • Maintain body posture while you sit
  • You can perform exercises
  • Strengthens body core


  • It cannot be used as a professional office chair.

4. Duramont 4-Legged Mesh Seat Ergonomic Chair

Duramont 4-Legged Mesh Seat Ergonomic Chair

We assume that if you are here, then you are looking for an office chair for tailbone pain. No need to worry as this office chair has a good seat cushion and provides sufficient lumbar support to reduce the tailbone pain

The ergonomic chair has an adjustable seat height mechanism and is designed to reduce pressure on your tailbone. The adjustable armrests are there to support your office work and maintain a proper posture.

The mesh fabric increases breathability and provides relative strength as well. For sitting, proper support is mandatory to avoid the pain of the lower back. Your spine needs to be in proper position over the office chair.

The cool air can enter through mesh fabric and keep your body sweat-free. This chair for coccyx pain can reduce the pain within some time. Coccyx pain can jam your entire body, and chair offers relied on coccyx pain for good.

The adjustable back support helps change the chair’s orientation, leading to the formation of the best office chairs for coccyx pain. The seat cushion has a multi-layered foam that is dense, and the tailbone would be straight owing to the ergonomic design.

Moreover, this seat is easy to install and assemble. The assembling of the seat doesn’t require any difficult steps. The pneumatic controls can solve most of your issues, like adjusting the seat that would lead to pain relief at the tailbone area and reduce back pain while sitting on the seat.

Many people go to the doctor to resolve back pain in the tailbone area, but the solution to this coccyx pain is the office chair for tailbone pain.


  • Mesh design makes you sweat-free
  • Adjustable seat reduces coccyx pain
  • Adjustable height and depth of the seat
  • Strong central frame
  • Soft seat cushion


  • The wheels get damaged because of less width.

5. Neuhaus Blade Wheel Mesh Office Chair

Neuhaus Blade Wheel Mesh Office Chair

Have you ever wondered what kind of office seats would come in the near future? If not, then check this 3D seat that is from the future. Whether it’s coccyx pain or any other body pain, be at ease as this lumbar support chair best office chair for the tailbone.

The 4D armrests are better and different from other seats. They can be adjusted in multiple areas to reduce your pressure. It can be tilted in any direction with a maximum 135 degree back tilt.

You can get this kneeling chair at an amazing price, so what are you waiting for? The smooth mesh fabric is not sticking one. Rather, it keeps you sweat-free and has sufficient strength to bear maximum weight.

The lumbar support is quite dynamic and reduces pressure on the lower back of your body, meaning that coccyx pain would be minimal. The back pain would be relief owing to the smart design and the adjustable headrest.

This chair is made up of an aluminum wheelbase. The reason for using this aluminum base is that it has the relative strength to bear a weight of 300 pounds. It is also light in weight so that the seat could be easily moved around as you may like it.

The cushion of this chair has memory foam to keep your spine straight and strong. The spine needs to have sufficient support while you sit. The body’s position relative to the chair decides whether you would face back pain or relieve it.

The backrest can be easily reclined owing to the tilt tension and tilt angle. The backrest has sufficient strength to bear weight and recline back. The class 4 hydraulics maintains the proper balance of the chair, and the backrest does the remaining work.


  • Keeps your spine straight
  • Reduces the lower back pain due to adjustable backrest
  • The class 4 hydraulics bears the weight of several pounds
  • The mesh fabric keeps you sweat-free
  • The chair is made up of an aluminum frame


  • Blade wheels get damaged after certain bumps and create a lack of balance.

6. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair with Headrest Pillow

Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair with Headrest Pillow

If you have been working your butt off and your coccyx pain is getting worse with each passing day, it is high time that you consider looking for the best chairs for tailbone pain.

One such office chair for tail bone pain is by Serta Hannah. It is a microfiber chair that gives the ultimate value for money while being affordable at the same time. So, if you are on a budget, this office chair is worth consideration.

It features an integrated headrest and backrest that supports your neck when you lean back. The lumbar cushions are designed in the shape of the back and spine that help in relieving muscle pain and resultantly reduces tailbone pain.

In terms of comfort, you will love this office chair. Due to the microfiber cover, it feels super soft to the touch. The seat is well padded with a waterfall edge and hence is comfortable to sit on. However, the armrests are non-adjustable, but overall the chair is quite easy to assemble and does not take too much time to put together.

Apart from that, this office chair comes with other adjustable features as well. Such as you can adjust the height of the chair between 18″- 20″ and recline to a certain degree. There is a control knob at the bottom that allows you to control the pressure while reclining.

With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, it is a fairly good option for people with back pain who are looking for a budget-friendly office chair. It is made with heavy-duty materials that offer ultimate comfort for years to come.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in micro-fabric and leather both
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Adjustable features


  • Arms cannot be adjusted.
  • Does not have a massage function

7. PharMeDoc Ball Chair with Back Support

PharMeDoc Ball Chair with Back Support

This PharMeDoc ball chair is specially designed for those who suffer from tailbone pain due to an extended period of sitting. This ball chair supports your back muscles and gives you a proper sitting posture that significantly reduces the common neck and coccyx pain.

This chair engages the core muscle as you sit on it and simultaneously align your upper and lower body. While doing so, it also burns more calories than regular office chairs. So if you are a fitness freak, this ball chair can prove to be of great help for your daily calories burn.

In addition to that, it is a multipurpose chair that can be used for working as well as for yoga and Exercise. It comes with a removable back to be used for exercising. Plus, due to this removable feature, it becomes pretty easy to store and transport.

This ball chair consists of a 52cm exercise ball that comes with a hand pump. You can pump the ball to optimize the bounce ability as per your need and preferences. While transporting the chair, you can simply deflate the ball for convenience.

Moreover, for safety reasons, lockable wheels are placed at the bottom of the chair to avoid any roll-away accidents. You can lock the wheels to keep the chair in its place while exercising.

All-in-all it is an ergonomically designed chair that balances the functional stability and active design perfectly. The best thing is that it comes with a lifelong manufacturer warranty and claims 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Specifically designed for tailbone pain.
  • Wheels allow free movement across a carpeted surface
  • Removable ball


  • The plastic based structure may not last long.

8. Office Star Mesh Back & Seat

Office Star Mesh Back & Seat

The office star mesh and seat chair are designed with heavy-duty materials that keep you comfortable for hours on end. Plus, it features a mesh back and seats that allow room for ventilation through the back of the seat, unlike leather seat cushions that become very hot during long working hours in summers.

This office chair is also ideal for those who suffer from aches around the tailbone area. For lumbar support, the cushions are designed in a way that they offer complete support to your lower back. The shape of the lumbar cushions mimic that of the spine and hence relieves coccyx pain.

An applaud-worthy feature of this office chair is that it offers one-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment, so you can easily adjust the seat’s height without having to put in too much effort.

In addition to that, it comes with multiple ergonomic features such as 2-to-1 synchro-tilt and fully adjustable and padded arms. The synchro tilt feature allows you to recline at a ratio of 2:1, which ensures better blood circulation and equal weight distribution throughout the body.

Furthermore, this office chair for back pain is GREENGUARD certified, meaning it has low chemical emissions and promotes healthy indoor air quality. It is made with recycled materials, reduced harsh chemicals, and substances with low VOC (volatile organic compound).

It has a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs and comes with dual wheel casters that are designed to roll effortlessly on carpeted surfaces. With all the tools and instructions that come with it, this office chair is pretty easy to assemble and offers great value for the money for a long period.


  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Made with Earth Friendly material.
  • Fully adjustable.


  • Not very durable.

9. Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair

Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair

If you have been seeing the safco Zenergy ball chair pop up in your search for the best ergonomic chairs for coccyx pain, this ball chair is among the best office chairs for back pain.

This ball chair looks more like a ball than a chair, but it is very effective for tailbone pain. It is backless and designed in an incredibly stylish way that you can put it anywhere in your home or office. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors so you can match with your home or office décor.

Covered with mesh fabric, this ergonomic ball chair is very comfortable to use. It keeps your core muscles engaged and sitting posture correct. Since it is backless, you will not be leaning back in an unhealthy posture that results in neck and tailbone pain.

The main feature of this ergonomic chair is the anti-burst exercise ball that comes with a hand pump to ensure that your ball is properly inflated at all times. Below the ball, four legs stabilize the ball and distribute your body weight equally.

Apart from offering the benefits of a yoga ball, you can also choose the height of this ball chair. It comes with both legs and feet; you can install the feet for an additional sitting height of 3 inches.

Like other ergonomic office chairs, it also offers a weight capacity of 250lbs and is manufactured with earth-friendly materials. So this office chair for tailbone pain reduces pollution and promotes healthy indoor air quality with its eco-friendly construction.


  • Stylish and active design
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Two size option available


  • Expensive than other chair balls.

10. Steelcase Office Chair

Steelcase Office Chair

Another on our list for best office chairs for tailbone pain is this remarkable ergonomic chair by Steelcase that is specially designed to help relieve lower back pain.

Super soft to the touch, this chair is furnished with 100% mesh fabric polyester that gives you the comfort that will last for more than a decade. This office chair is known for its durability. From the adjustment features to the mesh seating, everything is built to stand the test of time.

It comes with wheels that roll over the carpet easily and has several adjustable features. From seat depth to armrest, you can pretty much adjust everything as per your needs. The lumbar cushions are also adjustable, and so is the lower back firmness.

To ensure optimal comfort while sitting for a long time, this chair’s leap contoured backrest changes its shape to support your spine as you move. Furthermore, this office chair is highly adaptable and comes with five different reclining adjustments.

You can also lock on a certain reclining position to lean back and relax. In addition to that, the upholstered back and seat make sitting for long hours comfortable and restful.

The best thing is that you do not have to assemble this chair as it is shipped completely assembled. So there is one thing off your shoulders!

Plus, it comes with a 12-year manufacturer warranty, which is great because an office chair that lasts for over a decade at this price is worth the money! So if you want to get your hands on this ergonomic chair, this one is perfect for you.


  • Very well built
  • Various ergonomic adjustments
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Ships completely assembled
  • Comfortable seating


  • Comparatively costly
  • Lacks back-height adjustment

What to look for before buying the best office chair for tailbone pain?

When shopping for an ergonomic chair, there are many things to look for, but when you have chronic or mild tailbone pain, the following are the things that you should consider before purchasing an office chair.

Go for chairs with foam seating.

When it comes to relieving coccyx pain, the best thing you could do is buy yourself a chair with foam seating. The thickness, firmness, and density of the foam make a significant difference for comfortable sitting.

Therefore, any other option will be less comfortable and can worsen your pain. However, switching your office chair with a ball chair once in a while can also help in relieving muscle tension.

Office Chair For Tailbone Pain

You can also opt for chairs with coccyx cut or gap seats as they are designed for specifically supporting the spine and tailbone area.

Opt for short seats and coccyx cut chairs

Ergonomic chairs that have short seats or have a coccyx cut don’t let your tailbone take the pressure from your upper body. They are specialized chairs that have a cut on the tailbone area that eliminates the pressure on your spine while supporting your hips and buttocks muscles.

Invest in ball chairs

The most prominent feature of the ball chair is that it encourages the correct posture. These chairs are perfect for those who tend to slouch and strain their tailbone as a result.

The primary purpose of sitting on a ball chair is to get in the habit of sitting properly. Plus, it strengthens your core muscles and reduces neck and back pain. But sitting on ball chairs for a long duration of time can be harmful.

Office Chair For Tailbone Pain

Therefore, they are not a substitute for your office chair but simply an addition to your office furniture that will help burn calories while sitting and improve your posture, resulting in reduced back pain.


1. What type of chair should you sit in with tailbone pain?

Tailbone pain can prove to be a hurdle in daily office work. So usually, a chair that has a short seat is mostly recommended so that the pain would be relieved after some time. A kneeling seat is also recommended for it, but the coccyx should be cut out in that case.

2. Why does my tailbone hurt when I sit in my office chair?

It is said that when you keep on sitting for a long time, then the pressure is directly exerted on your tailbone. Office work usually requires more sitting, which leads to pain in the lower bottom of the spine. It can get intense with time.

3. How can I sit, so my tailbone doesn’t hurt?

For reducing the pressure on the tailbone, it is better to sit on a chair while your back is against it. The feet should be straight and flat so that the pressure is minimum on the tailbone. You should lean forward a bit to lessen the burden on the spine.

4. What is the fastest way to heal a sore tailbone?

For external treatment of the sore area, you can use ice or a warm bottle for healing. While for inside recovery, pain relievers would be better. You should sit while leaning forward to maintain proper posture and reduce the burden over it.

5. Is walking good for tailbone pain?

While sitting, the pressure is normally on tailbone pain. So to reduce it walking is suggested as it reduces the pressure over it.

Final Verdict

We have gathered a curated list of the 10 best office chairs for tailbone pain in 2021. So far, you possibly know the features of the best office chair for tailbone pain. Now consider the features and prices of the chairs and think about your needs most importantly.

If you choose any of the chairs in the list I provided above, you won’t regret it as I mentioned both pros and cons. So, now it’s your turn to choose one and try to recover from this pain. Good luck to you.

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