Best Serta Office Chairs Review

Best Serta Office Chairs Review

Serta is a reputed brand that is known for its unique mattress commercials. They mostly deal with mattresses that are of the best quality. However, most people might not know that Serta has high-quality office chairs as well. This article contains the best Serta office chairs review that you could choose from.

When you think about an office chair, the most important criterion is comfort. The Serta office chairs provide you with immense comfort with not just quality but will many adjustable options. In this Serta office chairs review, we have listed some of the best Serta chairs suitable for both office and home.

A great thing about Serta chairs is that it is available at a very affordable price range. These chairs are ergonomic and have many amazing features. Moreover, each of these chairs is made from good quality materials, making them long-lasting. Let us look into the different Serta office chairs reviews.

Best Serta Office Chairs Review

1. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair With Headrest Pillow

Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair With Headrest Pillow

The Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair is a great option available at a very budget-friendly price range. One key feature of the chair is the support it provides. There is a back and headrest which gives optimum support to your neck.

The cushions present on the back of the chair will contour your body’s shape. Along with support, the chair is also highly recommended for its comfort. Due to the presence of the soft microfiber, comfort will never be an issue with this chair. This is one of the best Serta office chair in terms of comfort.

The material is very nice to touch because the outer layer is very smooth. There is padding in the chair along with a waterfall edge on the seat. You can assemble the chair very easily in just 30 minutes. There are many adjustment options in the chair which makes it very versatile.

You can adjust the chair’s seat height ranging from 18 to 20 inches. There is also a recliner option to a certain extent. The chair consists of a lift control button that helps you control the force you will recline the chair backward.


  • Soft and comfortable microfiber material
  • Affordable
  • Available in 8 color varieties


  • Lack of massage function

2. Serta 43675 Big And Tall Executive Office Chair High Back

Serta 43675 Big And Tall Executive Office Chair High Back

The next product on the list is the Serta 43675 big & tall office chair, a premium quality product. However, despite the premium design, the price range of the chair is not very high. This big and tall Serta office chair is a great option for tall people who cannot find a comfortable seating arrangement.

The chair can support a maximum of 350 pounds which is much more than what standard chairs provided. There are deep pillows present in the chair filling, which enhances the comfort of the chair. The upholstery of the chair is made from bonded leather which is of premium quality.

Any material that is used in the chair is very durable and will last for a long time. There is also an extra pillow and elevated headrest that provided great support to your shoulders and neck. Like other office chairs, the Serta 43675 also has dual caster wheels, enabling smooth movement.

The Serta ergonomic office chair is great for users who like a minimalistic look. You can use this durable in wide spaces since this chair’s structure is on the wider end. This chair will be worth the price since it is long-lasting.


  • Comfortable headrest and durable design
  • Wide seating space
  • Maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.


  • Lack of proper warranty information

3. Serta Leighton Home Office Chair With Memory Foam

Serta Leighton Home Office Chair With Memory Foam

If you have a very tight budget and do not want to spend much on an office chair, then the Serta Leighton Home Office Chair is the perfect option for you. This chair has a unique design and is found at a very reasonable price range. You can choose this chair if you are looking for a chair for everyday use.

The chair’s design is like camouflage, and it can blend easily with the whole office surrounding. Whether you want it for your home or workspace, this Serta at home office chair is the one you go for. The upholstery of the chair is made from fabric that is of the best quality.

In this chair, you will find a variety of color options. You can add the chair to different surroundings very easily due to the availability of so many colors. The presence of such a modern and elegant design makes it is a great executive chair. You can use this chair for different settings very easily.

The Serta executive office chair review shows a bonus feature which is the adjustable design. With a swivel design and adjustable seat, this chair provides you with comfort and free movement. It also features top-quality rolling casters that ensure stability.


  • Equipped with top-quality rolling casters
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Contains memory foam design


  • Weight capacity is very less

4. Serta AIR Health And Wellness Executive Office Chair High Back

Serta AIR Health And Wellness Executive Office Chair High Back

Another best Serta office chair is the Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair. This chair features a high back which makes it apt for tall people. Many tall users find it hard to get the right chair. Even if they find a tall back chair, the back support is not always very comfortable.

The Serta office chair review informs you about a premium quality chair with high-end bonded leather. This material enhances the durability of the chair and gives it a sleek appearance. This Serta ergonomic office chair has padded armrests and a layered body pillow. Due to this, you can use the chair for long hours without body pain.

A unique feature present in the chair is the air lumbar technology. In this feature, the lumbar support is provided with extra cushions. The way you move your body will impact the movement of the cushions. This ensures that your overall posture is improved and you get proper support in your lower back.

You will find the frame made of premium quality wood which can give maximum support of 250 pounds. Since such high-quality wood is used, the whole unit is very stable and durable. You can adjust the tilt and height of the chair very easily. This chair is great for people who have lower back issues.


  • Adjustable tilt and height mechanism
  • Lumbar air technology
  • High-back rest


  • Expensive

5. Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair With Smart Layers Technology

Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair With Smart Layers Technology

In the best Serta office chair reviews, the Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair with Smart Layers Technology holds a very high place. This chair is made from very high-quality leather, which makes it a durable option. You can use the chair in your home and office since it features an ergonomic design.

The chair has a weight-bearing capacity of 200 lbs. It has five layers of cushioning, which makes the chair very comfortable. Since the chair features a professional look, it is perfect for any kind of office setting. You can also use this office chair as a gaming chair since it has adjustable options.

The modern design of the chair is equipped with intelligent engineering and flexibility. It also has quilted armrests that would make sitting on the chair easier for you. The adjustability options ensure that you do not face any discomfort while using the chair for a long time.

When working for long hours, experiencing stress and strain is very common. However, with the right chair, you can tackle this problem. The Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair will do wonders for your back and lower back problems. It will improve your posture and help you focus on your work.


  • Good construction and sturdy
  • Wheels for exceptional movement
  • Parts are made from high-quality materials


  • Narrow design as compared to other office chairs

6. Serta Big And Tall Executive Office Chair With Wood Accents

Serta Big And Tall Executive Office Chair With Wood Accents

Another top product in the Serta office chair review is the Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with Wood Accents. This chair is covered with brown color leather that is supple and fine. This chair focuses on both comfort and durability. You can use the chair for different purposes.

Due to the presence of heavy-duty components, that chair can withstand a weight of a maximum of 350 lbs. You can use the chair rigorously without worrying about it getting damaged. You can also change the height of the chair very easily. This is due to the presence of the pneumatic pressure lifting lever.

While using a chair, you will feel a very tranquil feeling. There are soft pillows in this Serta at home office chair that adjust to the shape of your body. This provides optimum back support, which is essential for people with extreme back pain. Even if you use the chair for a long time, you will not feel any discomfort or pain.

Another feature that provides proper lower back support is the adjustable lumbar structure. This chair also has a padded armrest made from bentwood. This armrest provides proper support to your arms and gives you a better posture. It also gives a classic finish to the chair.


  • Durably built with adjustable lumbar support
  • Assembling the unit is easy
  • Supports up to 350 lbs. weight


  • Hard to assemble the arms

7. Serta 48740 Essential Mesh Low-Back Computer Desk Task Chair.

Serta 48740 Essential Mesh Low-Back Computer Desk Task Chair

If you want an armless desk chair, you could opt for the Serta 48740 Essential Mesh Low-Back Desk Chair. In the Serta desk chair review, you can learn about the different features present in the chair. This chair is suitable for any office and home environment. Due to the armless feature, it is easy to place the chair anywhere.

You can even tuck the chair under a table which saves a lot of space. Apart from the space-saving design, another important feature of the chair is the mesh design. This mesh is combined with leather to give it a perfect look for any office environment. Even though it does not have an armrest, this chair will give you immense comfort.

It has an adjustability option that lets you change the height of the chair. This gives you the freedom to choose your desired position. This Serta at-home office chair features an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable for the user.

The chair has an alloy frame that makes the chair very sturdy. You can put maximum weight on the chair, but it will not get damaged. Moreover, this increases the longevity of the chair to a great extent.


  • Sturdy built
  • Use of faux leather
  • Movement is made easy


  • Not a good option for tall users

8. Serta Executive Office Padded Arms Adjustable Ergonomic Gaming Desk Chair

Serta Executive Office Padded Arms Adjustable Ergonomic Gaming Desk Chair

The Serta Executive Office Padded Arms Adjustable Ergonomic Gaming Desk Chair has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. It has successes in several BIFMA testing challenges, making it is a very sturdy and durable chair. The primary focus of this chair is to provide you with the best comfort.

It has a pneumatic pressure lever that makes it easy to adjust the height of the chair. Due to this adjustable feature, you will not have to sit in one position for a long time. That is why this chair is said to be fit for gaming. Since gamers spend most of the time on their chairs, comfort and correct posture are of paramount importance.

You get one year warranty on the chair, which ensures that you can use the chair for a long time. In case of any issues within the warranty period, the company will get the problems solved. There is padding and contouring along with cushions which gives you proper body posture and adjustment.

The armrest has proper upholstery, which keeps your hands comfortable as well. Even when you are using the chair for a long time, you will not feel uncomfortable. The backrest is very high up to a height of 46 inches.


  • Sturdy design and durability
  • Backrest height of 46 inches
  • The weight-bearing capacity of 250 lbs.


  • Padding is less in some areas

9. Serta Executive Office Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Chair With Layered Body Pillows

Serta Executive Office Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Chair With Layered Body Pillows

The Serta Executive Office Adjustable Computer Chair is another great product of the brand. This chair has a tilt mechanism that lets you relax in between your work. With the adjustability option of the chair, users will not have to maintain a rigid position at all times. They can change their posture and get maximum comfort.

The chair is also equipped with a height adjustment feature, which is great for all users. With the pneumatic height adjustment, you will not have to put extra pressure to change the height. Made from bonded leather, this chair is of the best quality. The fabric will not succumb to wear and tear even after extensive use.

 You will find armrests in the chair, which helps in supporting your arms. There are many different padding and support mechanisms in the chair. These are essential for people who spend a lot of time on the chair and have a higher chance of facing soreness or aches in their bodies.

You will need to assemble the chair, but it does not take up much of your time. There are casters beneath the chair, which helps in easy movement. You can spend your whole day on the chair but will not face any major discomfort.


  • Use of high-quality bonded leather
  • Easy swivel and recline
  • Proper padding for optimum comfort


  • Exterior may start coming off after sometime

10. Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair With Wood Accents

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair With Wood Accents

Another Serta at-home office chair that is of high quality is the Serta big and tall executive office chair with wood accents. This chair has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs and is made from bonded leather. The structure of the chair is perfect for tall people since the backrest is very high.

You will find deep-layered pillows in the chair, which will give you proper comfort when sitting. Your office chair must have proper seating comfort since you will spend most of the day on the chair. When using this particular model from Serta, you will not face any issues with comfort.

If you have any back pain, then this is the right chair for you. This chair has adjustable lumbar support that will enhance the support you get on your lower back. There are also padded armrests with classic bentwood, which provided comfort to your hands. This handle also has an espresso finish which makes it look good.

In case you want to take a small nap, the chair would be very comfortable. There is a tilt lock mechanism that will lock your chair at your desired angle. This chair also has a sturdy base which will help you move around easily.


  • Multiple layer body pillows that give a comfortable experience
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Assembling the chair is easy


  • Hard to assemble the arms

What Makes Serta Office Chairs So Popular?

Serta has always been a well-known brand in the United States. However, they were not always a manufacturer of office chairs. Their production began with mattresses and stayed that way for a long time. It was after many years of their establishment that they ventured into a new line.

Executive office chairs are searched by people who spend most of their day on their chairs. Choosing the wrong chair would make you uncomfortable and also result in severe body aches. That is why you need to be very cautious when choosing an executive chair to not opt for the wrong one.

Serta is highly recommended for its comfortable, stylish, and durable office chairs. Most of the chairs that you will find of this brand are made from only high-quality materials. They keep in mind the need of the users and then include the necessary features in the executive chairs. Another very interesting thing about Serta chairs is their versatility.

Serta Office Chairs

The company’s objective is to provide products that will enhance the way of life for common people. You will find the same in each of their products since they tend to all your needs. Everything you require in a comfortable executive chair is available in Serta chairs. These chairs are also popular for their lumbar support technologies.

The chairs are available at budget-friendly rates that make it easy for everyone to afford. Moreover, there are different types of chairs in different price ranges. This means everyone can get amazing options in their preferred budget. Additionally, the majority of the chairs of this brand are budget chairs.

Common Serta Office Chair Problems And Solutions

Serta has currently established itself as one of the topmost brands of executive office chairs. But no brand comes without certain problems. Serta started with some basic chairs that lacked many features. Over time the company was able to find solutions for these problems so that users could enjoy a comfortable posture.

Seat Cushioning

If the seat cushion is not comfortable, you cannot sit on the chair for a long time. When you spend eight to ten hours or more on a chair, the primary focus would be on the cushioning. This is one very common problem that many brands face when they make executive office chairs. The cushioning should not break down under pressure and give you proper support.

Serta Office Chairs

Serta gives proper cushioning to all their office chairs. Many chairs have multiple cushion layers to give extreme comfort. The cushions conform to the shape of the person who sits on the chair. However, as soon as you get up, the cushions go back to their original shape. This saves the cushion from breaking down and ensures longevity.


One big issue that you will find in most executive chairs is the type of castors use. Many brands have surface-specific castors that restrict your movement. This means that one chair might have castors suitable for hardwood floors while the other may be only be used on carpets. If your chair has the same issue, you will not have free movement on an unsuitable surface.

Serta Office Chairs

Serta has high-quality castors that can be used on different surfaces. This makes it easy for you to move freely no matter where you are using the chair. Moreover, the castors provided by Serta are built-in strong frames that can withstand the maximum weight mentioned for each chair. Moreover, the castor ensures that the surface is not damaged even when you move around on the chair.

Height Adjustment Lever

Office executive chairs have a lever that is required for adjusting the height. However, many chairs have levers that are hard to press. These chairs are very uncomfortable since you need to put additional pressure just to move the height up or down. You need to have a chair with easy pull levers, which will not need too much pressure.

Serta Office Chairs

Serta chairs have pneumatic pressure release levers that require just a light touch. These levers can be moved very easily and will not require too much pressure. Moreover, the result of these levers is instant. As soon as you move the lever, the height of your chair will change as you want.


1. Are Serta Office Chairs Any Good?

You might find very mixed reviews when you look for Serta chairs. However, this brand is well-known for its high-quality products. That means there will be no compromise in the materials that are used for their office chairs. It also has amazing comfort and support for the users.

There are numerous Serta chairs, and the quality may differ in each. The ones mentioned in this guide are some of the best ones provided by the brand. These chairs will leave a great impression on the users with their quality, comfort, and support. The Serta chairs are also helpful in maintaining a good posture.

2. Who Manufactures Serta Office Chairs?

Serta started with producing mattresses in the United States. Many people were unknow of the fact that they started their office chair line as well. That is why the name Serta could create confusion in some people’s minds.

They might have questions about whether the Serta producing mattresses are the same as the one producing these office chairs.

To clarify, both of these products are made by the same company, Serta.

3. Does Serta Make Office Chairs?

Yes, Serta makes high-quality office chairs. They earlier used to make mattresses but later went on to expand their production line.

4. How Do You Raise A Serta Chair?

Most Serta chairs are equipped with a pneumatic pressure release level that makes raising the chairs a breeze. Many chairs have very hard levers that require you to put extra pressure to change the height. However, this is not the problem with Serta chairs since they have very easy levers.

5. Does It Tilt?

Serta chairs have recline or tilt mechanism that is necessary for office chairs. Since you will be using office chairs for a long time, they need to be very comfortable in Serta chairs. If you want to relax, you can tilt the chairs to your desired angle.

6. Is This Good For 8-10 Hours Work Days?

Yes, Serta chairs are a great option if you spend 8 to 10 hours on your chair. They are made from very comfortable material, which will prevent body aches when sitting in one place for a long time. Moreover, most of the chairs provide height adjustment and tilt mechanism, which are also essential for your posture.

Final Verdict

The Serta office chairs reviews contain a detailed analysis of 10 topmost Serta chairs. Here you know about the different features, pros, and cons of the chairs. This information helps you choose the right chair for yourself. Serta has introduced different technologies for lumbar support, which makes it an exceptional choice.

The Serta office chairs review contains the ones with good quality and has many stylish models. One look at the Serta chairs, and you will know that they focus both on the look and quality. Moreover, some chairs are specifically built for an office setting and blend well in a professional environment.

The article also specified certain gaming chairs that can also work as an office or home chairs. You can get a variety of options in this guide. So, go find a suitable chair for yourself now!

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