Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

If you have been agonized with traumatic back pain and have trouble sleeping, then purchasing a zero gravity chair should be on your immediate to-do list.

With so many options rolling over in the market, this task can be tedious and confusing for people who are unaware of all the nooks and crannies that a zero gravity chair has.

The best zero gravity chair for back pain will undoubtedly possess many ergonomic features like headrests, armrests, a vast weight capacity, and durability, making them easy to carry about anywhere you wish to go.

Not just recreation, but a zero gravity chair can also ease your back pain by elevating a stiff posture and giving a unique massage feature to your spine.

Be it lounge chairs or a timber ridge zero gravity chair, with so many types and styles; you get the opportunity to choose the best zero gravity chair for back pain as per your budget and requirements.

We have created this comprehensive list for you to make your market search easier and less time-consuming. 

Best zero gravity chair for back pain:



Have you been a victim of back pain and stiff joints? If yes, then this zero gravity chair by Best Choice Products will prove to be the best decision you make regarding your health and home aesthetics.

The fact that this pair of chairs are lightweight and portable will make life a lot easier.

Take them in the park, use them within your homes or classrooms; these outdoor chairs work alike in all situations.

A Textilene fabric that is water and UV resistant has been crafted into excellence within these statement pieces. In addition, a weight capacity exceeding up to250 pounds caters to all types of the human physique, making this model highly ergonomic and user-friendly.

Moving further, we have a highly adjustable component- the headrest, which is padded, has a detachable tray on the side of this chair.

The tray compiles two cup holders, a phone holder, and even a tablet holder so that your most comfortable positions are not disturbed while you are relaxing on a day off from the office or work.

Retractable elastic cords have been included, which adjust themselves under your body weight. Following this, the adjustable locking system bolts your most craved, pleasant position in the correct place, keeping your spine upright.


  • Adjustable lumbar support.


  • The vibration massage feature is not included.



Featuring new locking systems and a wide range of innovative features, the caravan canopy has always been looking for creating creative furniture pieces that hit just the right spot.

Double coated sturdy steel frame, accentuated with a bungee system all around, the fabric is high-grade Textilene that withstands all weathers equally. Be it summers, winters, or thundering rain; this model will never leave your side.

Take a day off from your work and rewind the memories of past days with a friend or family member; these recliners are your best bet. 

The locking mechanism is relatively new and simple. All you have to do is lay back and decide your preferable position, and you are done. The efficient system locks your desired position, regardless of your weight and height. The weight capacity has been made to withstand almost 300 pounds, which is more than enough for a zero gravity chair.

Not just functional but aesthetic as well, this chair comes with a black powder finish which depicts elegance in all its glory. Use it as a lounge chair or as a professional office chair; it fits everywhere, adding the classic touch of individuality that the caravan canopy boasts.

On top of adding style, your room also has an added touch of color, as the model has been introduced in various rich shades, each of which is equally stunning to observe. 

Like any other zero gravity chair, this one also elevates your legs and reduces your back pain. The zero gravity sleeping position is achieved methodically, and you cannot ignore the space feeling of astronauts; you feel relaxed and extremely light while using this piece. 


  • The adjustable headrest provides lumbar support.


  • The locking mechanism can sometimes stop working due to overload.



Designed to deliver comfort and stability, FDW Store makes sure to incorporate the original mission of a zero gravity chair, i.e., to use the signature astronaut position to give you a luxury product that lasts for ages.

Chosen as a patio chair as well, this model can be used in several ways. Take it outdoors or keep it inside as a lounge chair; your solace and alleviation are not compromised.

Loaded with ergonomic features such as a highly adjustable headrest and can be moved in line with your spine’s natural curve, this purchase will not be a disappointment.

With all the obstacles that the chair can withstand, these chairs can service any weight and height as FDW has promised.

You will not be toppling over as soon as you sit in the chair. Instead, it will adjust under your positions so magically that you are bound to be awed.

Seasons and temperature changes will never cause your chair to give away due to the durable Textilene material within them for ventilation in summer and warmth in winter with cushions.

Compact and easy to store, fold over the two zero gravity chairs and keep them behind your dresser or store room without being tensed about their quality.

The chairs will sustain themselves and be as good as new whenever you take them out for usage next. All in all, FDW provides a miraculous product that is easy to assemble while also having adaptability that will provide ease and pain relief within your budget.


  • Lightweight.


  • The chair can be a bit noisy.



Next up, our recommendation list for the best zero gravity chairs brings in this durable and hardcore chair from Sunjoy store. As the name says, this chair provides utmost joy and unparalleled happiness to people suffering from excruciating backaches.

With a transitioning quality like no other recliner in the market, kick off your Monday blues with a relaxing movie or Tv show in this chair. Stay in an upright position, or recline backward with full flexibility. This model offers everything in the palm of your hand.

Lightweight yet strong, the powder-coated steel frame makes this gravity chair for back pain durable. The versatile double bungee fabric system runs down and up with seamless adaptation and connection to the frame.

This gravity chair’s most distinctive and quirky feature is the wide array of color options and styles that it displays on the website. The rich shades include neutral tones of beige, brown, grey, and two well-defined shades of blue, which blend flawlessly into your room interior or with the outdoor, cloudy sky.

One of the best zero gravity chairs that we have on the market right now also has weather-friendly composition. The breathable cloth will not stick to your skin even on the hottest of days; you need not even worry about sweat and bacteria adhering to your body. Performance and appearance come hand in hand with the Sunjoy Store.

The chair comes with a removable and adjustable headrest crafted with smooth padded material alongside a contoured armrest that gives ultimate peace while sitting and enjoying time with family and friends. These chairs are two of a kind as they fit your lifestyle and make it an easier and healthier one.


  • The armrests are made of wood.


  • It does not come with remote control.



 One of the oldest and most reputable manufacturers of zero gravity chairs, Homall has designed furniture that makes you feel content and comfortable in alliance with unique features and durable composition.

Go to any recreational spot, be it a poolside, the beach, or even your garden at home; these zero gravity chairs will be the perfect place for you to chill and relax. Take a break from your daily desolation and spend time in peace and content.

With a weight capacity of almost 300 lbs, these chairs are made up of sturdy steel and a dual-ended Bungy rope which connects the fabric quite efficiently. Durability knows no bounds as steel is known to last for the longest period.

Several ergonomic, adjustable features have been incorporated for you, such as a liftable padded pillow used to make your comfort increase tenfold. Take a nap or watch TV in your personalized chair; everything you do will be catered to.

Homall has made these chairs one of a kind by including angle adjustments from 0 to 170 degrees which is not usually seen in zero gravity chairs for back pain. Moreover, the efficient locking mechanism makes sure that your most comfortable zero gravity position is not lost. Instead, it is fastened in place with elastic cords that adjust following your body shape.

Appreciating the installation here is necessary since it requires practically no effort. The chairs come pre-assembled and immaculately packed at your doorstep. Pull them out of the box, and get ready to relax and rewind with these amazing recliners.


  • Provides several massage features.


  • Does not include temperature control.



Many zero gravity chairs provide comfort and pain relief, but if you are looking for something that gives you all of this and much more in terms of feasibility and prices, then Kovalenthor is just the right store for you!

Mesh textured chairs have the added benefit of being weather-friendly plus sweat proof. This model also pledges not to rust or fade when placed in scorching heat for a long time. Their rich-colored hue stays the same for generations to come. 

Getting up for small things while you are giving your back a break can be irritating at times. Thankfully, Kovalenthor has kept this in mind while creating a cup holder on either side of the chair for you to place all your belongings as close as possible so that your perfect zero gravity position is not disturbed and refreshments stay at hand. 

There is no specified period for how long you can sit in this chair- sit for as long as you want, you will not strain your neck due to the adjustable and highly padded headrests, which you can move about to adjust the position of your spinal area and give unmatched lumbar support for sleeping or sitting for prolonged periods and enjoying “me time.”

The chair features a locking system that allows the perfect spot to be fastened in place, even when carrying the chair around.


  • They are ideal for everyday use.


  • The legs can sometimes create noise.



The FDW store has been coming back on our list for the best zero gravity chair with this new range model, stimulated with new dimensions and unique features; this one is a hit for sure.

This patio chair is resilient and highly resistant to heat and human weight. You will not topple over while adjusting the reclining position desired by your back. It maintains the pressure needed for your body weight to remain in alignment with the upper and lower body parts, respectively. With a height of 9.5 inches, this model is much longer and user friendly than the previous one.

Once the seating position is settled, use the locking system to bind yourself in the most comfortable position tightly. Your back and posterior body will surely thank you for investing in such an ergonomic chair.

Two cup holder trays are fitted on the ends of each chair to place your essentials like magazines, edibles, and even your mobile phones all close to you so that your ambiance is not disturbed in any way.

Ventilation in summer and warmth in winter, this zero gravity chair is a multi-faceted piece. Make use of the breathable fabric to absorb sweat and keep your back dry during summers, while using cushions at the back in winter can keep you warm and fuzzy.

Lastly, speaking of the fitment, these chairs come pre-assembled and packed most efficiently, right up to your doorstep. Just take them out of the box, grab them under your hand, and feel free to escape into the world of luxury and peace together.


  • Dries immediately after getting wet.


  • The cup holder can loosen easily with prolonged use.



Caravan Canopy has been gaining increased popularity among modern age users of zero gravity chairs due to the innovation and diversity that their furniture brings to your houses and workplaces.

The standard model discussed above had an average width of about 26.4 inches, but the bar has been raised with this new model as the width has increased to be 5.3 inches broader than the traditional version. This has added users in their customer line, as a broader seat means that your chair can cater to more weights and heights effectively.

The double bungee system, along with durable Textilene fabric, remains just as constant and provides the same level of resilience that all zero gravity chairs should give. Use it in any weather, scorching heats, or thundering drops of rain; your mood will not be spoilt, and neither will be your vacation.

Recline function enables any particular position which your body finds comfortable to be locked in with the uber safe locking mechanism, which works with the touch of a finger.

The adjustable headrest provides lumbar support to your neck and cranial nerves. Doctors have recommended sleeping in the zero gravity position that this model graciously allows you to achieve within seconds of placing your body over it.

This oversized chair is portable regardless of its dimensions. Just fold it over, grab it in your hands and move to the next travel-worthy place that you want to with ease and comfort!


  • The weight capacity exceeds 300 pounds.




 Here we have another product from the best choice store, which inclines into the perfect zero gravity position and makes your lives easier than ever. Bring in this zero gravity chair for your backaches and experience an epitome of fulfillment for yourself!

Whatever your next travel destination might be, this recliner chair will not leave your side. A faithful friend and a durable one, this chair comes filled with features that will transform your pain into relief in the nick of time.

Made with a rust-resistant steel frame and a UV-protected mesh Textilene back, this zero gravity chair fabric is breathable and sweat proof. Extreme weather shall not affect this model’s lasting power and resilience, making it the best fit for all your vacations!

Accentuated with a versatile massage and heat feature in addition to a canopy and adjustable headrest, this chair will protect your face from scorching heat during summers at your favorite beach or farm. Just pull down the canopy and adjust the backrest to fit your spine.

Achieving a zero gravity position will not require much effort. The chair comes with the smoothest locking system and replaceable elastic cords that twist and turn concerning your spine’s natural shape.

Lastly, speaking about the detachable tray is a must as it was included in the last model from Best Choice. This tray, along with the cup holders plus mobile holder, seems to be a traditional facility from the company, and indeed this is what makes these chairs rule the market with features that claim to be nothing but the best.


  • You can keep all your important material close to you.


  • The chair is not waterproof.



Last but not the least, we have this zero gravity recliner chair from BalanceFrom, a client-centric company determined to produce excellent chairs for everyday use, providing safety, comfort, and support.

A steel tube that surrounds the framework of this chair guarantees that your children and toddlers are safe to sit in this chair. The handles are firm, and chances of toppling over are second to none with the heavy-duty elastic cords supporting the entire chair.

A removable tray has been provided, just like all the major zero gravity chairs produced in this age. This accentuates your experience, keeping essentials right in front of you so that no emergency call is missed or no movie scene has to be paused while getting refreshments. Keep everything at the tip of your hand for accessibility that knows no bounds.

Lightweight and compact, this zero gravity chair are easy to carry and easier to use and adjust as per your back requirements. Lock the position in place once it has been decided and transform your holidays into a whole new affair.

Ergonomic features include the highly padded headrest, which is removable, and the assortment of wonderful color shades, which add grace to your rooms or lawns.

All in all, this chair is worth investing your hard-earned money for its features are not easily found in other local options.


  • The armrest is foamy and comfortable.


  • The metal framework can rust over time.

What to look for before buying?

A zero gravity chair is the handiest piece of furniture you can get for your offices and back pain. Among all the chairs for back pain in the market, a zero gravity chair is the one that works best and is the most popular.

Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

With their unique weight capacity and lumbar support, along with its reclining angle, these chairs help you relax and can be placed anywhere from your office to the living room. If you have never purchased a back pain zero gravity chair before, you might be perplexed about which one to buy, from outdoor zero gravity chairs to massage chairs. You may need to keep in mind several features before purchasing a chair from the vast types of zero gravity chairs available in the market these days. Some of the most important ones are:

  1. Zero Gravity Position: it is very important to buy a chair that fulfills its original mission, i.e., the zero-gravity feature. The reclined position is multi-faceted and equipped with a lot of movements to decrease pressure on your spine. A Poor quality zero gravity lounge chair would have a limited reclining position due to which pain relief does not occur quickly. 
  2. Metal finish: Outdoor chairs have possible consequences of being rusted and destroyed due to extreme weather. However, the best zero gravity chairs are designed in a steel frame and powder-coated steel finish, which looks elegant and stylish, providing maximum benefits of a zero gravity massage chair that they should. Being UV resistant and suitable for outdoor use will make your purchase worthy of every penny. 
  3. Durability: Zero gravity chairs for back pain should be durable and long-lasting. This is attributed to their weight capacity and polyester fabric, which will last you a lifetime. Choose a chair that features a powder-coated steel infrastructure to maintain the look and functionality that it has been created for. 
  4. Ergonomic: zero gravity chairs are packed with ergonomic features for the convenience of the user. These include a full support head pillow for chronic back pain, wooden armrests which resist human touch and heat, a removable headrest for the perfect position, and a removable cup holder plus a side tray for placing important material near your chair while working. This piece of furniture should be the perfect chair to place in your living room or office alike, with user-friendly adaptability along with pain relief.
  5. Locking feature: The best zero gravity chair will have a remote control locking feature to fasten the spot you find most comfortable for your chronic back pain in the zero gravity position. If the locking key is weak, your zero gravity recliner can break off, and the lumbar support is lost. Therefore, a double lock system needs to be incorporated in your massage chair to lock the chair and for a good sitting experience that guarantees less pressure on your spine and the best reclining angle for your back. 
  6. Weight holding capacity: wooden armrests and an adjustable headrest mean that they will cater to anybody height and weight without toppling the chair over or decreasing the durability. Oversized zero gravity chairs made up of sturdy steel are also available in the market to facilitate longer heights easily. The best zero gravity chairs cater to a weight capacity of 300 kg to 500 kg, enabling them to rule the market with lumbar support and ergonomic features. 

Choosing and comparing each zero gravity chair with other models available in the market is your job to do, and we hope that you find the perfect chair for outdoor use and pain relief. 


1. Is a zero gravity chair good for back pain?

Zero gravity chairs have always proven to be good for back pain and unmatched lumbar support. The benefits of a zero gravity massage chair are endless as these chairs are designed especially to support the natural curve of your spine and come with a suspension system where your body is suspended in a neutral position that maintains pressure on the spine, keeping it stiff and upright as it should be. A lot of pressure is removed from the spinal discs, keeping your back in an optimal position, which reduces back pain and carefully evaluates all the pressure points needed to be pressed for a healthy body. So yes, without a doubt, among all chairs for back pain, a zero gravity chair is your best bet. Purchase one now, and experience the world of luxury and comfort for yourself!

Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

2. Can you sit up straight with a zero gravity chair?

Yes, the adjustable reclining mechanism of a zero gravity chair will allow you to sit up fully or even lean backwards with your desired position. Most chairs are also equipped with a good quality lock system.

3. What are the benefits of a zero gravity chair?

Some of the benefits that a zero gravity chair gives for reducing back pain are:

  1. The chair comes with adjustable lumbar support, which relieves tension and allows the muscles to relax. 
  2. Further injuries are prevented because your spine and back are stronger, as the chair is a great addition to your body’s healing process. 
  3. The reclined position alleviates back pain, and this purchase is the best chair for your back and neck pain. 
  4. Good blood circulation is promoted by sitting in a zero-gravity lounge chair. 
  5. When stress is relieved, no pain is felt, and the body automatically feels light and strong. 

4. Is it safe to sleep in a zero-gravity position?

Yes, it is safe to sleep in a zero-gravity position; in fact, it has its own added set of benefits that all gravity chairs for back pain offer to you. Some of the plus points of sleeping in the zero gravity position are:

  1. Better Breathing: a zero-gravity sleeping position means that your head is angled above your stomach, which prevents snoring and helps people with respiration along with breathing issues. This is one of the most important and prominent benefits of zero gravity chairs and consequent sleeping positions as they also reduce allergies and give a sound sleep at night. 
  2. Pain is reduced: Sleeping in a zero-gravity position is better than sleeping on a flatbed. Zero gravity positions ensure that your spine is in the correct position with reduced pressure. These massage chairs also help people with lower back pain and are perfect for outdoor use as well. If you suffer from sore muscles, sleeping in a zero-gravity position will ease the pressure on your body by distributing the entire weight evenly so that you sleep well and wake up fresh and painless.
  3. Stronger heart: A 120-degree position is the best way to promote good blood circulation, and your heart pumps blood more efficiently than ever. The chair features a unique relaxation feature that accentuates all your body organs, and the zero gravity position proves itself to be the best technique to sleep. 
  4. Reduced swelling: Overweight people, along with those who frequently suffer from diabetes and blood pressure, often complain of swelling in their hands and feet. Here is where the benefit of sleeping in a zero-gravity position kicks in, as it lifts your lower body, promoting blood circulation, which reduces stiffness and eases swelling to a considerable extent. 
  5. Ergonomic lifestyle: massage chairs make watching tv, playing games, or just chilling in with a cup of coffee much easier and more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about putting up a pile of pillows behind your head; the lifted recliner does it all. 

5. Do zero gravity chairs work?

Doctors and orthopedics highly recommend a zero gravity chair for back pain for several reasons. Firstly, these lounge chairs come with a guarantee that your blood flow will become better and the stiffness of limbs caused by sciatica or any other disease will reduce.

Since these chairs were created keeping astronauts in mind, so the position in which your back stays is very much the same as astronauts use before going into space.

Many gravity chairs are rolling about in the market that can potentially fit your requirements and budget. However, zero gravity chairs do not work for all kinds of back pain. According to recent research, 85% of people who suffer from back sprain and its relatives have been quite satisfied with zero gravity massage chairs for their pain relief.

On the other hand, patients who suffered from disc slips or herniation complained that a zero gravity recliner did not do much for them. The results inferred that the best zero gravity chairs only work for paints where surgery is not needed.

For severe injuries, one should always go for the surgery option. It all comes down to your choices and medical symptoms while saying that a zero gravity chair works or not. Nonetheless, it does minimize the unbearable pain to an extent, so your money does not go in vain.


With this, we come to the end of our in-depth, wide-ranging reviews for different models the best zero gravity chair for back pain. Each one of these is specially designed to reduce back pain and give you a good posture. 

The main motive of creating this article was to provide you with assistance and details of different zerp gravity chair companies which have product ranges from lounge chairs to recliners or simple mesh-backed chairs. 

All of them have their distinct benefits and will come up to your discretion and budget regarding which zero gravity chair will suit you the best, whether you choose to elevate your back pain or simply enjoy a wonderful vacation or business trip with colleagues and family. 

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